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The cycling season has started and now it's worth nine clubs! – 01/08/2019

José Luis Palomino is 29 years old and is the Atalanta uncle. The replacement of Balerdi is aimed at Boca, which must be taken to the Borussia Dortmund.

What is your passion worth? The Bergamo team was nine million euros. A great number seems to be difficult for the Chinese, after the 19-year departure of Balerdi, it would be three goals of 12 million and more.

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Moreover, the evolution of the Argentine footballer is shocked: in 2013, San Lorenzo left for free and went to the Argentinian Juniors. From there he went to Metz, where he was lost in Bicho's position. After recovering from French group, he regraded the category. From there he moved to Lugorets, Bulgaria, until 2017 until he joined Atalanta.

What was the reason for its evolution? Olé, with journalist Carlo Landoni, consulted with Italy: "Palomino, a great coach with great Gianpiero Gasperini, has a great reputation. It's a good defense, it's been a good thing about the head's efficiency, because it plays a lot with this coach. His level is well rated, but he is a player who does not fit into the best Serie A team, he would never look for Juventus or Inter, if he is half the table.

Final goal of the Palomino Section

The Mouth Radar Defender became before Parana, Series To: October 10, 2018, according to the 10th date.

Boca already has Junior Alonso from Paraguay, Celta de Vigo. Will Palomino progress? Undoubtedly, Angelica would have to pay the political cost for 29-year-old footballer in Balerdi football.

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