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The daughter of iron sellers killed a robbery: "It was my father or a crime, he had no chance" – 01/07/2019


An 88-year-old ironmonger killed a 28-year-old robber who was accused of attacking his white wardrobe in his San Fernando store and after the crime The deceased maid was arrested as accomplice alleged robbery, police sources reported.

The event took place on Sunday morning at Arnoldi's 1600, a hardware store in Juan Bautista (88), who had been robbed of a robbery.

"I feel sad about the death of the attacker, I am a mother and I understand the pain of his family, but he was my father and a thief. 20 days ago the same robbery was stolenWe did not get a report coming from here, we know, "said Mirta, the ironmist's daughter, on Monday.

"Juan is well, we have content and we have to watch over, the police are going through it, he wants to work, but he has to close several days," added the woman.

Police sources informed Telam The agent threatened iron with a knife and, trying to reduce it, made resistance and blocked the fight.

In the middle of the fight, the hardware dealer applied to the criminal chest cut and another on the neck Almost an action that caused death, said the informant.

According to sources, when the Police of Police of San Fernando arrived at a place where they were displaced, they found alleged suspects, Cristian Pirola was identified, when some hardware shops found their girlfriend, Gonzalez and at the age of 31, they acted as a "bell" on the attack.

It was a pyro Only condemn a robbery with a knife. He was arrested in November 2012 and was sentenced to prison for 5 years and a half. Until March of 2018, I got conditional freedom October 2016

In fact, he investigates the personnel of the Functional Unit Functional Unit (UFI) of San Fernandes in the Department of Judicial San Isidro.

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