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The demand was revived and the dollar closed in February with an increase of 4.8%

Today, the demand for restructuring in the exchange market has been cut short by the loss of the dollar five times. therefore, The retail exchange rate exceeded $ 40 and wholesalers did not get out of the field of intervention.

Thus, The currency closed in February with an increase of 4.8%, after December and January, the program to make a return to MFI. In this sense, the Leliq rate coincided with a fall of 3.5 points in the last month, increasing the strength of the stress set by the Central Bank at the end of the month.

In fact, The rate has now been resumed more than 50%. and, even though the Leliq is less than predicted, The BCRA passed a monthly monetary base of more than $ 40,000 millionAs announced last week. As they progress through the election campaign, governments are aiming to prevent sudden meltdown of all cannons.

On the current wheel, the retail card rose to 31 cents for $ 40.13, according to the average city of the port that is powering electricity. The wholesale dollar rose 33 cents to $ 39.15.

"Closed for a few months to push the request for coverage and the wholesale exchange rate was interrupted five consecutive times, "said Gustavo Quintana, PR Corredores de Cambio.

For Christian Buteler's economic analyst, the pressure on the end of month was higher, after the Leliq auction was slightly more pronounced. In the day of delivery, BCRA had less weight than ads ($ 153,344 million to $ 165,000 million), creating a planned expansion of $ 32,800 million.

The second question is whether banks require Leliq less than those that are offered by the money-lending authorities or if the BCRA has not decided to take more weight to avoid higher rates validation. The entity is not information. As a result of the recent increase in the dollar, some analysts have the first chance. However, Leliq's performance rose again, with 14 points increasing and 50.1%.

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