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The discovery of Pterosaur has been in the origin of millions of years



December 18, 2018 17:17:09

Fossil microscopic examinations covered the pterosaur cubes, which covered the reptiles along with the dinosaurs, formed by rudimentary feathers.

The amazing discovery described by scientists means that the dinosaurs and the descendants of birds were not the only creatures that feathered feathers, and feathers were likely to be much longer than before.

Pterosaurs were far away from dinosaurs and birds.

Birds need feathers to fly. This was not the case of pterosaurs.

Long-haired hairs were covered by bodies and wings, but the central axis of feathered poultry was not lacking, the researchers said.

They can provide insulation and other benefits, just like mammals.

"There were no feathered birds," said Baoyu Jiang, a paleontologist from the University of Nanjing, who has directed researchers.

"They looked fuzzy and did not have the most complex feathers."

Examined researchers come from relatively small conserved Jurassic Period fossils from 160-165 million years old, from the northeast China of Anurognathids.

Apparently, forest inhabitants and insects have 45 centimeters of dizziness, short tails and surface faces.

Pterosaurs were birds of the first birds, later birds and bats.

Scientists nineteenth century Since they were known from the twentieth century, pterosaurs were covered with a lining of the hair, and the scientific classification of the classification was long.

Many phylos, under the microscope, showed horns like feathers, but not hair.

The paleontologist of Bristol University and Mike Benton's secretary investigator saw four types of pterosaur feathers: ordinary feathers, single filaments, filaments and metamorphoses at the end.

Small, pigmented structures were feathers ginger-brown.

Birds, food dinosaurs, and some dinosaur plants are known to have had feathers, although those observed in pterosaurs differ.

"We feel the most common thing today to call them on all feathers because they show the characteristic and goring of a feather," said Mr Benton.

Pterosaurs and dinosaurs appeared in the Triassic period of about 230 million years ago.

The researchers looked like feather in both groups, and feathers for the first time required 250 million years in a common ancestor of pterosaurs and dinosaurs.

Pterosaurs, mostly wingspans of 10.7 meters, disappeared along with the dinosaurs after a 66 million-year-old weekly.




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