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The Dolarre took another leap and almost $ 40 was closed, as at the beginning of the bands – 11/26/2018

Yesterday, the dollar recovered its charge last week, closing at $ 1.45 $ 39.97, According to the average Bank Central. He spent one day alone Jump of 3.63%. In some banks, the retail loan was greater than $ 40, even though the Nation closed at $ 39.90. In this way, the price of the North American currency in the first week of October came into contact with Guido Sandleris's Central Bank management and the flotation bands scheme began.


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On October 1, the dollar arrived $ 40.73Sandleris's management is the highest value so far. After losing small losses in the following days, it closed on October 4 39.44. And from now on he slipped to $ 37.

Yesterday morning, the dollar fell to 7 cents when closed on Friday, when more than one peso was closed at $ 38.50. But over time reversed trend and showed that the start of the G20 week will depend on the exchange tourists.

Dollar growth slows down the stability shown in recent weeks. It promotes dollar advancement uncertainty In the last days the market was being hit. Specifically, the new leap from the country's risk, after falling below its level in November, seemed to be at a level of 600, He climbed 700 points again.

The claim is based on what happens with the Argentine bonds, and it continues to be a major return rate. This means that international financing doors are closed in the country. For this, the last Lebaca offer was made last Tuesday, and the Central Zone was not renewed at 120,000 million dollars, nowadays exceeding the weight of the scattered dollars in the market.

With this currency claim, the wholesale exchange rate was $ 39.05, almost 4% above the flotation band. In the last five wheels, the dollar has increased by 7.2%. Cash operations yesterday were $ 723 million, and last week there were an average of $ 500 million. In the MAE's future market, US $ 219 million was traded.

Argentine flats were directed to other currencies in the region. In Brazil, the dollar estimated a real value of 2.48%, while Mexican pesos fell by 1.15%. The "influence of Brazil" was the reason why the Finance Court was chosen why it was created on the fifth day of the dollar next.

"Brazil drags usBut we are very happy, it is already clear that a policy of exchange policy is working, "said Mr Nicolas Dujovne.

On October 1 the Central Bank set up a vandalism system and committed itself do not intervene While moving in these limits. Currently, these bands range from $ 35.89 to $ 46.45.

OP Cambios operator Gustavo Quintana said the increase in the dollar in the last days is "the power of demand and the lack of supply".

Martin Alfie, Economist Radar Advisor, "Broadens the ceiling and ceiling of the band," if it changes mood ". Volatility is high. There is a 30% difference where the BCRA can not buy or sell. "

Matías Roig, director of Inversiones Portfolio Personal, has indicated that the currency has risen " excess liquidity From the maturity of Lebac, to match the end of the month's clearing and the permanent Fall of the Bank's Liquidity Bill of Interest rate. "

The eyes of the market place in the decision that the Central Bank will take into account. Yesterday currency authority Leliq rate has fallen againLebac was replaced by an extinct 61.23% from 61.23% on Thursday, with $ 134.579 million.

Yesterday, international reservations were over US $ 51,591 million145 million less than on Friday.

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