Saturday , June 10 2023

The dollar and the stock market made a good announcement on the last day of the G20 holiday operations


It was a reflection of the small activities seen in the downtown streets of Buenos Aires, exchanges and stock markets had a slight increase of the wheels during the holiday holidays of the G20 Board of Directors.

One The decrease of 80 cents (-1.84%), on the other hand, compared to the Wednesday, was $ 38.80, To find a margin to reach the non-intervention area of ​​the Central Bank. Decline is indicated Ten days in a row, a daybreaking loss of $ 40 was released on Monday on various alerts.

Retail markets and wholesalers (37.72 dollars) reached a drop in bank market activity at 1:00 p.m. The Merval panel's rise in the stock market rose by 1.4% yesterday.

Next MondayThe non-intervention area ceiling will be $ 46.72 and will be placed at $ 36.10 on the floor.In November, the accumulated rise was around 5%.

On the stock exchange cut-off, the results were also positive The Merval stock index increased 1.5% to 31,593 units. At the same time, the main stock panels of Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (ByMA) increased by 2.8% this week.

Tenaris' actions were highlighted, with a 4.4% mover, after announcing the appointment of President and CEO, Paolo Rocca, In case of subscription notifications. The sovereign bonds of the Electronic Market (MAE), meanwhile, showed a price stability, closing only 0.2% in the months, a 703 points at the base country risk.

Other daily benchmarks in the market, Liquidity Letters (Leliq), have shown a year-on-year drop in prices, from 61,198 to 60,753 at Wednesday's auctions. After Leliqs's maturity, in the period of $ 145,725 million, the monetary entity absorbed excess liquidity of $ 43,420 million.

In the US, ADR had a good day with a bigger increase. There were only Telecom (-1.8) and Tenaris (-2.8). Among the wholesale, Pampa (+ 5.4%), Banco Galicia and Banco Francés (+ 4.8%) and Edenor (4%).

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