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The dollar bounce exceeds more than $ 40 (the wholesaler exits the band floor)

It is tuned Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), where the currency has risen by 28 cents $ 39.10 and today, the BCRA set between $ 38,617 and $ 49,975 a little out of the ground of the flotation band.

In the informal square, blue The performance is stable $ 39. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" fell five cents to $ 39.04 yesterday.

"The coverage request increases the wholesale exchange rate to $ 39.14, the volatility and the sudden changes in price with wheels"said Gustavo Quintana, PR Operator Corridors of Change.

It should be noted yesterday, the green was released 17 cents, the Central Bank made more money after the tender Leliq, in an effort to curb a new currency pressure too much.

In the wholesale market The United States currency yielded five cents to $ 38.82 and it was a remotest step from the intervention area, according to the $ 38.59 and $ 49,939 currency covenant.

In this context, the BCRA auctioned Liquidity Lyrics (Leliq) Average $ 185,000 million, down 49,982 drops in nine days (Tuesday, 50.065%). The maximum benefit was 50.49% and at least 48%.

In summary, the monetary leader began the rise of the redhead on February 15.

The operator stressed the importance of bidding, & # 39; Leliq & # 39; due to the amount of 212,621 million dollars due to the central bank with strong liquidity expansion.

"The interest rate offered by the interest rate management was active in the last days and the dollar price once again was very close to the small area of ​​intervention, so a phenomenon so far removed from the usual pressure that the US currency grows," said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

Other markets

Bank money market money has been stable at an average 45%. In foreign exchange exchanges, they decided to raise $ 196 million dollars and / or money, on Friday and Friday, through dollar purchases.

In the future ROFEX market, when US $ 1,614 million were traded, more than 60% were made in February and March, with stable prices between 38,85 and 40,068 dollars at 28.21% prices. and 36.67% TNA.

At the same time, Central Bank Reserves Yesterday $ 5 million fell to $ 66,985 million.

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