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The dollar bounce exceeds more than $ 40 (wholesalers have moved away from the band floor)

It is tuned Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), where the currencies rose 33 cents $ 39.15 And $ 38.617 and $ 49,975 have been removed by the BCRA's floating band.

Thus, The US currency rose by 4.8% in February (or 1.8) in February, which is compared to the significant drop compared to the first month of the year.

On that day, the money authority had the average rate of Liquidity Letters ($ 13,344 million), rising 50% to 11,227 in 11 days. The maximum profit was 50.4801% and the minimum yield was 47,999%.

The operator warned Once again, the BCRA marketed $ 30,531 million in the market, & # 39; Leliq & # 39; The maturities were $ 183,875 million. In a similar operation, on Wednesday, it opened 27,621 million dollars in currency.

A somewhat more toned currency and a slightly more active wheel order. The minimum agreements were registered with the first agreements at $ 38.85, approximately three times the previous quarter.

Gradually, demand for coverage prevailed in the development of the operations and the rise of positions began to begin with the recovery of prices again until $ 39. The volume was 779 million dollars.

With many oscillations and constant changes, prices were higher, respectively, with a minimum of $ 39.18, at the beginning of the last trading day.

"Dollar prices returned to the parking lot, as defined by the monetary authorities, in a defined area of ​​free movement, but without taking a significant push away from the small limit of the aforementioned area," said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

"The interest rate remains attractive for investment in money and probably the Central Bank uses it as a moderating movement in current market exchanges."

Other markets

In the informal square, blue go up 25 cents $ 39. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" fell five cents to $ 39.04 yesterday.

Bank money market money has been stable at an average 45%. In foreign exchange exchanges, they can transfer $ 173 million dollars and / or move them in millions, the purchase of US dollars on Friday and next Wednesday.

In ROFEX's future market, $ 1,584 million traded, more than 60% began in February, March and April, $ 39.02, 40.49, and 41.90. with the latest final prices, along with the last rates. These prices, 40.30% and 42.03% TNA, according to March and April.

At the same time, Central Bank Reserves Yesterday $ 5 million fell to $ 66,985 million.

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