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The dollar continues to decline the central bank's intervention

The Central Bank bought $ 20 million from another market and validated a new drop in the interest rate of Leliq. However, the wholesale dollar has dropped again, this time around 11 cents, and the price of the flotation below continues.

On Tuesday, 55 cents rose in the wholesale segment, leaving the Central Bank to a large part of Leliq without replacing it and the interest rate was lower than 56%, this time US currency trading began. closer to the nearest land area of ​​any kind of intervention, and the ceiling of € 37.80. But soon deflation began and, in order to increase weight, Guido Sandleris's money-makers made another purchase through the public auction on the market. The BCRA therefore bought $ 20 million more, thus, in January and $ 510 million a year, the amount of international reserves. In order to carry out these operations, calculator Gabriel Caason's Ledesma consultant economics required $ 19,000 million.

The Central Bank increased the air of Deloa through the daily offer of Leliq. The average interest rate was lower than the previous day. Tuesday was 55.64%, 54.88% on Wednesday. The demand for currency recovery has been restored to reduce the profitability of the bundles.

The retail exchange rate has almost changed since the previous day. The average BCRA budget was sold at $ 38.58 on Wednesday.

As expected by more than just monetary purpose and the dollar, the BCRA extended its offer, Leliq $ 75,000 million, which has not changed until now. In this way, the benchmark interest rate was lowered by half a half percentage point. On the other hand: a larger amount of available, for example, on Tuesday, the currency price has risen.

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