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The dollar declined and closed at $ 39.58


After the sharp rise of yesterday, the exchange rate fell almost 40 cents, according to the estimates of the Central Bank. In addition, the Government made a tender for Leliq and other financial instruments.

November 27, 2018

The dollar closed at $ 39.58, according to the average realized by the Central Bank (BCRA). After the sharp rise of yesterday, the exchange rate fell 39 cents.

In the framework of an active day for the monetary authority, the American currency quoted to $ 37.64 for purchase and $ 39.58 for sale. In this way, the Government found some relief, after the currency has bordered the $ 40.


In another aspect, the Central placed $ 140.075 million in Leliq, with an average yield of 61.24% and a maximum cut rate of 61.69%. The expiration of these letters was $ 93,325 million.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Finance will also bid Treasury bills in pesos and dollars (with maturities of 193 and 116 days, respectively), as well as National Treasury Bonds in pesos (BOTE), at a fixed rate, which will expire on 21 November 2020.

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