Monday , July 4 2022

The dollar had the highest daily rise in Sandleris: it jumped 3.7% and touched $ 40


The combination of factors, including the disassembly of commercial commerce and the adoption of its own positions at the end of the month, andl dollar He jumped 3.7% or $ 1.44 and $ 39.94 a day since he became a member of the Guido Sandleris Central Bank. In this way, the accumulated accumulated in the capital city of Buenos Aires in the fifth consecutive period accumulated on average

It was all Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), not currency 3.9% or $ 1.45 a $ 39.05. The BCRA had an 8-day Liquidity Letters auction that took place at the roundabout, and the rate that was reduced was 61,237 (61,405% on Friday). The amount granted amounted to 134,579 million dollars.

"The combination of factors, such as trade disarmament, major maturity of external obligations, and the end of each month and the beginning of the compensation and the beginning and offsetting period, should be noted to undo the correction of the dollar,, assured Gustavo Quintana, PR Operator Corridors of Change.
In spite of the sketches, they were explained by the Central Bank sources "In the money market, the effects of this volatility are not yet seen, since they have renewed the changes that have not been cut by the maturity of LELIQ per day."

For the second consecutive month, the BCRA continues to overcome the objective of zero-base growth, which is why "It will continue to persist in the money market to absorb excess liquidity", said the same sources.

Green areas helped to estimate regional price, especially in Brazil, 2.5% of the currency. In Mexico, the dollar rose 1.01% and 0.2% in Chile.

There was a strong supply of money and the supply of foreign currency was sufficient. The price rose from the beginning of the day and moved forward, which was passed on Friday in an important magnitude. On average, there were many banks that were closed below $ 40, but there were many banks that were much higher than the value, in the case of Galicia, France, HSCB and Itaú.

With regard to Christian Buteler, the rise in green home paper responds to three main reasons. First of all, the Central Bank had to make inadequate the short-term speculative capital set by funded financial institutions by the end of the month. Secondly, "the Lebanese disarmament burden exceeds last week" and finally "the reduction of the currency authority", which was being carried out by the currency authority.

The minimum ones were registered at $ 37.25 with the first operations of the session, and almost immediately when the purchase orders were created, prices rose dramatically. The upward movement of the exchange rate was well maintained in the last part of the day, which amounted to a value of $ 39.15. It totaled $ 724 million, up 32.6% on Friday.

• Other monetary markets

In the interbank money market, money was 60% on average.

In ROFEX, US $ 1511 million were traded, of which more than 77% were agreed in November and December, with the latest prices of $ 39.50 and $ 40.92 respectively; and rates of 60.09% and 49.94% TNA. It is estimated that the BCRA sells it on the market. Future futures reached an average increase of 1.4 millions with local growth.

In the informal market, blue rose $ 1.50 and $ 39According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. "Settlement settlement" rose 91 cents to $ 38.72.

Finally, The Central Bank reserves were $ 145 million on Monday and $ 51,591 million.

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