Wednesday , October 20 2021

The dollar is charged 25 percent at $ 39.08 at the end of Lebac


It is the Single Market and Free Exchange Market (MULC), since the currencies are down 30 cents $ 38.07.

In the informal market, meanwhile, the blue lay opera $ 39, and approached the official budget, according to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. In the meantime, "liquid" fell to eight cents to $ 38.49.

It should be noted that following the final disarmament of Lebaces on Wednesday, the Central Bank acquired 51,000 million dollars through Leliq, but the contraction did not stop the currency, which went down 13 cents.

The US currency has been strengthened and has remained in demand for coverage. However, it has pushed for wholesale sales, and the 11 cents have risen to $ 38.37, a total of $ 501.9. Million (less than 10% down).

"Over 38 million dollars in the floor have been defined, this time it seems difficult to punch and the approach of December is not far from today"., analyst Gustavo Quintana said.

Apart from being aware of Fed, despite the expected rates, the operators had an impact on the last Lebac expiration, totaling $ 68,618 million.

However, the BCRA absorbed the bulk of this expansion and estimated it at a lower speed of Leliq, 59.45% (59.44% above), most of it, excluding power. 60% floor (beginning of the month).

Thus, Leliq's auction increased (9 days), amounting to $ 51,105 million and $ 20,7,401 million, up to a maximum of 59.90% and 58.80%. .

Other monetary markets

In the interbank money market, "call money" was 57% average.

Meanwhile, in the future ROFEX market, a negotiation of $ 849 million was negotiated, of which more than 55% were agreed between December and January, with the latest prices being $ 38.94 and $ 40.84, 60, 25% and 54.64, respectively .

In the end, the BCRA international reserves raised US $ 65 million to US $ 58,707 million.

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