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The dollar rises again and is over $ 39 – 26/11/2018


Starting from the bottom, around the dollar, there were more than one peso, $ 39.52, according to the average Bank Central. $ 39 fence passed. Nationwide was sold at $ 39.35 over 90 days over 90 cents.

Wholesalers, however, start after low I jumped $ 1 and reached $ 38.50. This market is operated by banks, large companies and the Central Bank, and its contribution affects the retail channel.

Among the reasons for the rise, there may be some analysts Debt left by Lebac bidding on TuesdayThe Central Zone did not renew $ 120,000 million. Another day, Treasury Letes had debts of 34,000 million dollars.

Among other reasons for the rise of the dollar, we must also mention the commerce disarmament Demand for maturity of large companies imports.

More than a month ago, or almost 3% of the jump, on Friday, the wheels were shown, alerting some operators and analysts. That day, currency $ 1.07 and $ 38.51.

Is the exchange rate terminated? Have interest rates declined? Did those who won the "commercial move" make profits? Has the pre-election climate already started in the definition of investments? All these questions on Friday and Sunday surely reinstalling Mondayto resume operations.

This Monday also You will have a full reference to Wall StreetHe did not work on Thursday and, on Friday, he played at Thanksgiving celebrations.

On Friday, the weight fell, but overall all emerging currencies were discounted against the dollar. On Monday, with markets that usually work, supplying a foreigner's supply might be higher, and local market prices will not be so high.

Last week the dollar rebounded, the wholesale exchange rate It was about 4% above the exchange bandIt passed before November 15.

Operators are definitely confusing Some variables are curtains, the rate of exchange rate and rates since the October program began in October.

Pricing is worth mentioning Debt debts There were no changes in the change, and therefore the rates of return for these papers, which are summarized in the country, are not common.

The Ministry of the Treasury and the Central Banks rely on the recognition of their first private data (or advances) Inflation in November Humor will change. The figures that could be below 3% are already projecting, bringing about 2% of December to the end.

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