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The dramatic testimony of the accused financial: "Marcelo was a friend, he risked his life at nothing" – 01/09/2019


"There were four of them, three of them were captured, but four of them were disguised as an orthodox Jew, a hat, a long, fake bird … They came up with a gun that threatened to take friends in their car. They killed him as a dog. "Everything is going on," they said and shouted. Crazy, they were like 50 shots … "

Norberto Héctor Barone (68) Maipú and San Martín, Florida (Vicente Lopez) are the financial business owner of five blocks from the Fifth Presidency. On Tuesday, at midday, he was at his table, one day, even though he had a visit to his children at the age of 20. On holiday, he wanted to visit Navarro since he was there.

A rumor relaxed. There was a woman in a small room too. The first lieutenant in Buenos Aires province Marcelo Pablo Acuña (52) In his car, he was an alcoholic drink, before Baroness. It was the routine. Go to see your friend.

The robbers Marcelo Pablo Acuña, the old police force, attacked a financier from Oliver.

The robbers Marcelo Pablo Acuña, the old police force, attacked a financier from Oliver.

When he left the group, he found Acuna. He was shot and he was a serious victim. They could be more. "They went in such cases, with their iron" hands ", they came to me and they placed me on my head and my son was on his head. Everyone was killed. They took money, but when they met my friends. Police were forgotten. I thought they were all dead, "Baron told the media, after 24 hours after the event, with a good show of anguish.

"Marcelo was a friend of the island in Tigre, and when he went there he would drink it. There was no worker with me. I was sitting in the car, I was always around ", said the owner of the financial company with the relationship with Acuña.

Baron continues the story, the second in the second, as happened. "I heard them say" They all went away "and they came out, they saw him and they went out and nobody else was killing them, the planes were everywhere, they were crazy. There was a woman in the room, I put it in my bathroom to my son. A bullet splashed my leg, I got seven points in my head … Since 2001, I'm here. Now I do not know what to do, I do not have to be here, play my life. "

Before finishing, he broke the memory of his friend. "When I saw him dead, I almost disappeared … He killed a man who endangered life, put his life at risk, I can not believe it. Poor, a son is also a policeman, he was a worker, "he said, tearfully.

They're looking for four quarters

The Portuguese police offense's investigators have killed Vicente Lopez after the financial crisis A fourth accomplice acted as a driver But when the shooting began, he fled and left the car without charging cars, police and legal sources without cars.

Alejandro López Guevara, judge of Vicente López, and the Detective of the Department of Research of San Isidro (IDDI) The security cameras waited for a video to get to the town to find the fourth suspect in the area and find the car that he manages to find in the picture.

"We suspect that sight We want to confirm that the fourth member of the band is a police exemption The Federal Police, "he said Telam a judicial source

Pablo Pablo Acuña has been accused of two murders of the arrests of the first murder of the President: Adrián Federico Romero (35) in 2009 and Ángel Martínez (42) in 2012with both the agent hierarchy.

He was arrested for the third time, while identifying Luis Alfredo Guerreño (35) while identifying a clear bullet and investigating three hours in the next three hours. "The cause of the crime is double and be a victim of police, for being a robbery and illegal weapon", crimes that could be punished in prison.

With regard to skills, the prosecutor ordered a group of criminal prosecutions to undergo a criminal investigation into the financial crisis.

Experts working on the public highway have served at least 18 glasses, 9 of them 9 millimeters and three others. 40 calibrated, the only invading weapons with three 9-millimeter guns, a robbers and a police officer.

Delinquents escaped about $ 50,000 and pesos, euros and realities came to a different sum, but tone and concrete figures have not yet been set.

Judicial sources said that in the car, the criminals escaped and captured an operative bolt, Renault Duster recovered $ 285,000, $ 5,000, and Euro, and some real ones.

First Lieutenant Acuña is the third policeman who died in 2019. On Monday, the second lieutenant, Arnaldo Andres Lopez (39), was injured on Tuesday, 30 December, when Florencio Varela was injured in a serious shootout, Gisel Romina of Mar del Plata, a woman from Vitoria. Varela (33).

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