Monday , January 24 2022

The dreadful story of young anorexia died: "Eat dead."


Ellie Long, at the age of 15, usually spoiled toiletries. For her mother's opinion, her daughter did not receive proper care.

Ellie Long 15 years old anorexia and said to his family "I'm dead I want to eat," what was it. The body of the young woman was hanging on her back in her room.

Ellie Wymondham lived in Norfolk, United Kingdom. He fought for a few months with low moods. While death occurred on December 12th, more detail about the tragic event is emerging today.

Her family believes that a girl did not receive adequate medical care to treat her eating disorders and mental problems. The girl was diagnosed in August 2017, anorexia and depression, and a dose of Prozac antidepressants was ordered, doctors did not see it.

Not knowing that the psychiatrist did not know it, he warned that his suicidal tendency left a lot of notes a lot of years ago.

Love Ellie, Nicki Long, said that his daughter began to suffer from sleepiness after losing weight and to commit suicide and suicidal thinking. First of all, Nick thought that he was eating his daughter and eating food, but later he had breakfast that he would have breakfast and was thrown into school.

Before her death, she thought the girl felt better, but in the afternoon she found her mother crying and Ellie said she wanted to commit suicide. Nicki Long called the ambulance but was not available. He did not want to call police. The next morning, Ellie was not having breakfast, and her mother hung in her room.

"Ellie was a beautiful and intelligent girl. I think the severity of her illness was not appreciated," She recognized her as a tear.

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