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"The economic activity will increase" | chronicle

according to Florence Golender
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Last year, during the first half of the year, when drought appeared to be major issues of national problems, (first) the exchange rate was made by alarms. In any case, the 2018 International Monetary Fund obtained a refund. Cambiemos's economic group in the elections that had been approved in the elections in the country would bring about a recession. On Tuesday, Indece confirmed the negative forecast of production activity by announcing the fall of 2017.

The Economic Results Monthly Report (EMAE) decreased by 7% in December. It is the ninth month following. The government's priority is whether this figure indicates a flat recession; In November, indicators fell by 7.5%.

"The key is if this is an autumn floor, but when talking with industry and SME representatives it seems unfortunately we have not come to an end."He made sure"chronicle"financial analysts Christian Buteler.

"Strengthening the activity will be increasing, because we can weaken the internal market as it is an event and the indices will go back"economists said Agustín D 'Atellis.

On the other hand, economist Damián Di PaceFrom the Focus Market, he talked in conversation with the following support: "The first quarter of this year will be compared to the same quarter of 2018, as industry and commerce are not so bad, which is why it is difficult to reverse the fall. Yes, it seems to have touched an apartment"he analyzed.

By sectors

The sharp fall in wholesale and retail trade fell by 15.7%. industrial industry increased by 14.2% and followed by construction by 12.7%.

"Deep drops occur in commerce and industry, close to both economic sectors. It is the barometer of the commercial economy. If sales fall into the final link, they will ultimately affect the industry linked to last-minute goods and goods."Di Pace explained.

The most fertile 15 sectors that make up the EMAE in December, the area has only been positive, grew by 4.7%, which improved by 1% and social and health services, which increased by 0.4%. The remaining twelve sectors experienced a negative trend.

Electricity, gas and water grew by 6.8%, fishing activity fell by 4.8%, the restaurant industry and restaurant fell by 3.5%, mining and quarry operations. 1.8%, financial intermediation 3.4% and 2.1% of real estate, among others.

According to official sources, December growth was 0.5%, compared to November, at the beginning of recovery activity. The Minister of Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, acknowledge this week "A difficult time for SMEs"But he said:"We do everything possible to stabilize the economy".

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