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The effects of what the term "the blood's wolf supermoon" | chronicle

according to Leo Schwarz
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At the end of December and in the first days of January, it is the year that they were leaving the balances. Compared to history already in 2018, the balance is linked to natural disasters. Thousands of people all over the world lost their lives, thanks to different tragedies, due to earthquakes that destroyed different cities, and forest fires caused thousands of thousands of hectares and cyclones. Large floods, in all cases, were fatal exceptions.

Thus, the emotional and economic impacts were very broad, but in recent days the trend was negative: Indonesia's tsunami was over a decade since the worst death rate was over.

And, in most cases, these disasters are the result of climate change, and others are signs that start to become the latest. And with this assessment, if it were a real catastrophe for 2018, could it be expected in 2019? Will there be more natural disaster?

This question, the concern we are examining, is the main reason for the research carried out by experts who are concerned. "It's true that we have not answered this question, but it seems that the supermoon of wolf blood in January is believed to be at the beginning of the Apocalypse", according to some of the natural phenomena researchers, as well as hidden "gurus".

The moon of the wolf's blood.

How did it start?

Without a doubt, the specialists of phenomena created by nature, especially conspiracyists, say "superluna of the wolf's blood", is very disturbing. What is? It is a convergence of some lunar spaces. That is, everyone knows, Earth's satellites, nothing other than the Moon, have a direct impact on the life of our planet.

On the one hand, there is a total lunar eclipse, known as Blood Moon. It occurs when Earth aligns between the sun and the moon, which announces the light of the god Febo in the atmosphere of our planet. That is why the satellite is demonic red. Suppose, after this alignment in month, the next single lunar eclipse will occur in 2021.

Second, in the supermoon, it is called "the supermoon of the wolf's blood". This is the phase of a moon with the point at the nearest Earth's orbit. These two factors can be 14 percent higher and 30 percent sharper than usually seen from our position.

Let's say that this phenomenon will be visible between North American, South American, Western Europe, and African countries, which will last for about 21 minutes and last for about 60 minutes throughout the process. In addition to the astonishing phenomenon, many people who do not know "will be referred to as the supermoon of the wolf's blood" on the holiday of the Jews and apparently in accordance with the prophetic Zechariah.

It's amazing to get an incredible conclusion: the unmistakable United States relationship between the president, controversial Donald Trump, with the Persian king CyrusAfter finishing the Babylonian exile, Jewish Jews helped build the second temple in 516.

The apocalypse has disappeared and Donald Trump has to do much.

As reported in different media, scholars believe that the next Golden Moon will be joining the sky and Earth when it coincides with the Jewish holiday in the eclipse You bishvat (In the fifteenth year of the Hebrew Shevat), Trump coincides with the second anniversary of the inauguration of the US President.

Thus, it is not a purely coercive sense and a stronger force among those who live outside skepticism. It should be noted that billiard politician was born on that day on June 14, 1946, in a fortnight in which a total lunar eclipse was established and 700 days before the Israeli state was established.

But Trump numbers are not seven at this point. When it was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, it was 70 years old, seven months and seven days. And that is why, the prophets believe that experts are in the last days. And everything can turn off.

The "super-blood of the wolf's blood" could not be attributed to the emergence of potential catastrophes, and that the Apocalypse could be much faster than directly related to Trump figures, because it produced the true political zimbronazo of the cylinder on a global scale.

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