Wednesday , January 26 2022

The end of the world may be closer than before thinking


The Great Magellanic Cloud Milk is condemned to the bush and, as a result, it can turn on an inactive black hole in the middle of the galaxy and send it to the space of the space system, according to research by the University of Durham (United Kingdom).

It encompasses a group of smaller satellite galaxies that surround the Milky Way, such as Magellanic Cloud Great, with 163,000 light years. Sometimes, the galaxy dwarves come together and absorb the hosts.

Scientists have earmarked the drum for the Great Nuclear Magellan, but recent measurements indicate that the satellite galaxy is almost darker than two times.

Since the big energy saving saver is losing energy, researchers have been battling a galaxy for more than two million years, much earlier than the Milky Way and the predicted impact of Andromeda, which would take 8,000 million years.

While two million years are very long, it is "very short" on cosmic time scale. As Marius Cautun's chief researcher says, the Great Cloud of Magdalen, due to the wake of the black hole due to the Milky Way, will turn our galaxy into an "active galactic nucleus or quasar" by becoming an astronomical source of electromagnetic energy.

"This phenomenon will produce strong high-energy radiation on the outside of the black hole"says Cautunek. After turning on the black hole, it will increase the surrounding gas and increase ten times, including the Milky Way from the solar system.


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