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The endangered talents are dangerous.


Through rapid development, companies do not manage to cover the basic positions that need to contribute to rapid growth

The technology industry always needs new talents to carry out innovative developments. And fintechs are not left behind. Growth and growth, showing a 70% increase in recent years, is suffering from a lack of talent in the technology-financial sector

It was recognized in a study that the future is endangering companies.

"There is no need to enter into a general consensus with the training and technological knowl- edge of knowing that 63% of Fintech's respondents find it difficult to find talent in the labor market. If this situation continues, it is expected that the problem will be increased in the short term, it can affect the rate, "said the Afubanan technofinance company and the document presented by Accenture Consulting Company. .

A note published in the profile emphasizes that industry is interested in introducing new faces to boost its development. Currently, 80% say more than 50 employees and more than 10% of more than 10%. However, the majority (88%) will last a sustainable plant in 2018.

"In the subjects we are most interested in in Fintech, we distinguish three: talent, regulation and financing. Regarding talent, fintech is one of the most valuable points, but there is a great deal of difference between the importance and quality of the market," said Diego Zorzoli, Executive Director of Accenture.

On the other hand, as Zorzoli explained, when looking for qualified staff, financial technology firms find obstacles "Availability, costs and competition with the traditional market". The difficulty of finding qualified staff is one of the items in Fintech's "financial debt" report.

"We have more than half of the groups that make up Afluent group of groups, but it is very difficult for us, and our IT (information technology) is a must-have effort to keep this heritage system and programming," explains Alejandro Cosentino, CEO and founder of this company .

The study shows that there is less than 25% of women in the sector's 60% of companies in the sector and that only 20% of Fintech has said that 50% are women's management positions, and only 18% have at least one female group.

Fintech has a strong technological or digital base and offers financial services. In the country, the growth of sector operations and customer growth seems promising. In this sector, Argentine companies project around 60% in the next three years to increase the growth of 100% users, consumer habits and technological and financial infrastructures.

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