Sunday , January 24 2021

The epistax of Hantavirus is described as "unusual"

The appearance of Hantavirus in the Epuyen Chubut village, resulting in the deaths of eleven people and 28 others, is "unusual", the only source in the city of El Bolsón in 1996. "Suspicion of interhuman transmission as the main method of contamination," the Argentine Association of Infectology (SADI) it certifies a report.

According to the report, the occurrence of the occurrence began on January 14 last year, human exposure to environmental exposure has contaminated five people during the social event.

SADI said that it was entering a place where it was closed in real time, "Outside outside windows and doors open for an hour, put masks, wipe the floor with a bleach and wash your hands when doing the tasks."

In the endemic or apparent area, it is necessary to keep the house clean, rodents, gardens and woods away from home, to wean out the weeds and landfills, do not sleep directly on the floor and be careful in the presence of contaminants in the operation of fans or air conditioners, filters or conductors. they could be there. "


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