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The evidence of the climate crisis under the influence of humanity has now reached the level of "Gold level", scientists say

According to Julia Conley

Americans in North America today demonstrate the consensus of the human community, feeding on the climate crisis, according to polls, but the effects of 97 per cent of the climate sciences are not yet convinced, a new analysis is made with a more accurate statement.

The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory at California University have found that information is available in the "five sigma" scientific community, which would be the same data that would be one million. If humans are not hotter on the planet, thanks to activities like fossil fuel extraction. The classification represents the "standard of gold" level of certainty.

"It is noteworthy that scientists do not know that the cause of climate change is wrong," said Benjamin Santer, who directed the study, said Reuters. "We do."

Scientists applied the same "five sigma" research as Higgs boson confirms the existence of subatomic particles in 2012, the discovery of scientific community and press applause.

Published in the Nature Climate Change publication, it develops a report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2013, which found it "very likely" that human beings cause climate crisis. 95 percent chance.

In recent years, President Donald Trump and other Republican legislators have questioned how human beings question global warming and the scientific consensus that is affecting the climate crisis, as Americans increasingly believe in by the scientists.

In a 2018 survey of Climate Change Communication Yale, 62% of Americans believed that human beings had had climate change, only 47% had been convinced, five years earlier.

Natural Climate Change analysis also focuses on reports that Antarctic ice melting and ocean warming are much faster than previously thought. the coldest record in the last four years; and the warming of the balloon can cause the fog to disappear from the next generation and drop at 8º Celsius (14.4º Fahrenheit) at room temperature.

"Humanity can not disassociate the signs of distinction," the author of the latest study wrote in Nature Climate Change.

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