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The experiment was that both twins were genetically adulterated

(ANSA) – Chinese doctor published two twin daughters that he had an altered gene that said he did not do what he did and that is why he feels proud, despite criticism. Mr. Jianku made this speech at the Hong Kong International Human Genome Edge Summit, and thereafter, the experiment was suspended, the debate arose.

Scientists took part in more than 700 international researchers, undergoing a "bombardment" poll. They asked if they had other pregnancies that are part of the study, he responded that there was another "potential", even though it was in the early stages, but in some subsequent sequences there was not enough pregnancy or pregnancy. they are progressing

I have admitted that the eight pairs that participated in the experiment were "fake", a gene that generates a protein gene that can be incorporated into the HIV virus. Scientists said the "proud" result was not ignored by opposition experts in the field of analysis, which is why the Crispr technique used in the genome edition often causes unwanted changes in other areas of DNA.

"The volunteers confirm that they have abolished the testing of the state of the site – DNA did not alter the risks they did not want to make, although they also decided to implement the embryo." Throughout his speech, Jiankui presented several tests, some years ago in animal tests. All data must be sent to the scientific journal, even though it has not been specified.

The experiment was approved by a researcher outside the Southern Science and Technology University. He worked until February with the personal resources he made himself. The ad was released on Sunday with the YouTube video, and Mit Technology Review receives protests around the world, from China, where more than 120 scientists signed a letter. The experiment is defined as "crazy" and the National Health Commission has opened an official investigation. In Italy there was no critical voice, Giulia Grillo started with the Health Minister.

"Now it's a very high level in the field of science genetics," said SkyTg24 in an interview: "We need to put this issue as an international community and we must understand how far humanity will come from, because scientific research is clear. It can do anything without brakes, even if humans do it in a test tube. "

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