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The eyes are set in the South American climate – 11/11/2019

The night of CBOT retrieves mentions of the highest increase in wheat.The Lehendakari Trump tweets optimists about US and Chinese negotiations do not keep the market waiting for advanced statements on both sides.

CONAB updates Brazil's production estimation in Brazil, reducing from 1.3 mtm to 118.8 mtm, with 5 mtm reduction in other analysts. Agroconsult reduced 117.6 tons, 122.8 in the previous month. The two sets of numbers are current values. CONAB and Agroconsult decrease with respect to the previous month, but they have started to grow at a high level.



It involves updating the climate model Brazilian hot and dry climates are in the tops, even though some meteorologists expect another update cycle. 11-15 days in 11-15 days maps have appeared to help sound production.

CONAB has increased the estimation of the first corn from the first crop of Brazil, with a rise of 27.5 mt in 100,000 tonnes and a 63.7 mt second crop estimate, excluding climatic problems in the market. Agroconsult began optimization of CONAB with an estimated 95.6 meter combined last year, 15.6 tons higher than last year. Calculations of the Rosario stock exchange Argentine corn crop in 44 mtm compared to 42.5% of the previous month.

As MDIC (as reported by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services), Brazil exported 4.23 million in December. tn. Soybean, of which 90% is targeted at China. The total accumulated for the same month is 82 mills. tn. In January, Brazilian merchandise enters the market, The US soybean competition began.

Concerning grazing, in December exports accounted for 4.01 million. tn. Up to 20,51 mills up to date. tn. one year before, at the same time, a total of 27.79 thousand. tn.

Russia's sales at GASC tender recalled that inventories in the market are not limited. Russia's climate greenhouse continues to protect itself due to frost losses due to weekend forecasts in the snow. Sales breakdown of sales of exports indefinitely, The US market is somewhat significant because of the interest of importers. The only indicator that works is the export audit report, which is not a week of export.

The Government has been closed for 19 days before the end of 2013 (16), but below the 26-day period of 1995-1996.

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