Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Fallout 76 replacement system left players' data. Bethesda responds with "Fixed"


Bethesda had a problem with the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition, but again, things went wrong. Proposed replacement system He has found names, phones and other data personal player

In accordance with the requirements, Bethesda proposed replacing the bags included in the 200-euro edition of the Fallout 76 bags through the support service. Logically, the purchase card was added. The problem is that this information – being private – He has totally suffered.

As noted by Kotaku support, in recent hours some users have been able to access the requests sent by other players, and therefore all the information contained in the entries. You can see it as you can see Jessie Tracy.


I see requests from other Bethesda account users. Shows a large amount of votes instead of Power Armor Edition, which includes emails, address addresses, and card types. This is not good, right?

In fact, he did not mention Bethesda and was registered in different social networks, such as Reddit, Twitter or the official forums themselves.

Bethesda's answer? After solving this problem, the Community Manager gave a short message to the community quickly.


Hello, we fixed the problem

Fallout 76 Bethesda's headache has been, even before his departure, the beta of his computer to offer the father of all the bugs and burn them because of excesses or instability. Also, we do not know that the story about this nylon bag will end here.

Perhaps the Appalachian experience is coming to an end, but, of course, it is launching the emotional carousel.

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