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The family of Santiago Maldonado will not receive any money from the Ministry of Justice – 12/12/2018


Río Negro (correspondent) .- The Ministry of Justice of the Nation has decided to give money to the Maldonado family, which covers the alleged rights of crimes and the Guarantee Law for alleged crimes Missing person forced of Santiago Maldonado.

Federal Judge Gustavo Lleral determined to kill young people and kill loneliness without third-party intervention. Thus, not only forced disappearance, he rejected it The crime that justifies any family help.

Maldonado spent three months and three months 1.5 million total weight as a cause related expenses. These include air tickets, hotels and travel expenses in food, restaurants and other places.

Currency Benefits When the evidence was resolved, the judges ruled that it was not a crime.

"Help ended that the judge had not committed a crime. We help each other at the moment with our family and believe that our commitment is fulfilling their needs. We have completed these as ministries"He said bugle, Juan José Benítez, Deputy Director of the Justice and Criminal Division of the Ministry of Justice.

"Maldonados are not the only family-assisted ministry, there are other cases, ARA San Juan family, for example. What happens at one point in the media point of view and that feature was highlighted, but we are collaborating with the families of the victims, "he explained.

Benitez dismissed it as a fixed amount per month, as happened for a moment. However, the amount was delivered an average of 100 thousand pesos per month.

"By means of scientific analysis, testimonies, the judge collects all the evidence, and concluded that it was not a crime," said Benitez.

Judging by 300 pages, Judge Lleral said the young man had drowned, that water temperature and adrenaline were trapped. "In short, investigating strong evidence and analyzing the reality of events, Santiago Andrés Maldonado is supposed to exclude a criminal hypothesis about the supposed disappearance," said Lleral.

"And it is not the most important case of human cases, the committee, in this case strictly related to the extent of the event, because, after all, No criminal was found were investigated in unfortunate events, "he concluded.

Maldonado family reported that his lawyer Veronica Heredia on Wednesday he resolved the appeal Comodoro Rivadavia, before the Constitutional Court, in the case of the House, Maldonado, the Criminal Criminal Court chamber, and finally, the Supreme Court of Justice. Heredia said His plan is to go to international tribunals.

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