Monday , October 25 2021

The fast departure of the Vicky Xipolitakis clinic from her first child: from "belly to life"


He released the star with his baby and, with a real style, he set specific phrases.

Vicky Xipolitakis Salvador Uriel, his son, was released:

After four days Salvador UrielYour first baby together Javier Naselli, Vicky Xipolitakis He came out of the clinic with his baby. Her child and very happy in her baby's arms, the journalist waited for the door and sent it with hilarious phrases.

"When I was getting the baby for the first time, I took a picture of my production in a pool and when I got out I drank a little water, I thought it was a sink and I broke a bag, but I could not have been missing two weeks."

"I'm getting the baby for the first time in life," Vedette started laughing Chronicle TV, her husband was waiting for one hand. Afterwards, his son said two weeks ago: "I was taking a photo of a swimming pool and when I got out, I poured a little water. I said," What's this? "I thought from the pool. I broke the bag but I could not I was missing two weeks, "he said, wearing white dresses.

"The connection with my mother-in-law … Mother is my daughter? No, mother and son, ha, ha, has an armed phrase and I have been confused."

"Two days ago I met my great love and here it is in my arms, from the Amabost to life," he said, full of humor, as he was sleeping. "I have a mother-in-law connection … Is your mother's mother? No, mother and son, ha, ha, it's an armed phrase and it has confused me," said one of his pioneers. "She could cry, but here she gets on my chest, she feels a smoky mother and my smile is love. I live today," he said.

"He does not sleep anymore, he cries out a bit. He's not going to be a gas either because he has become a pope or wants to make a little profit," explained Vicky, "I'm my mom!" To finish the cry.

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