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The fate of the population died. | Neighbors E …

The presence of hantavirus that causes ten deaths on the death of hundreds of people killed hundreds of deaths during the appearance of the dead inflammation that caused more than 1,478 kilometers of uncertainty; Among others, 28 confirmed cases of pollution and more than 80 isolates, National Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinstein assured that the national government "will work well under the control of Chubut health authorities". In Chubut, residents of the people who speak on the phone and talk about social networks or talked about through social networks have indicated that they have expressed a feeling of selfless respon sibility. "Today, before forty days of the death of Hernando Hantavirus, we are convinced that we are confident. And only, and a suspicion based on suspicion, action or failure," said Claudia Sastre, writer and craftsman, in an article published on the website of El Extremo Sur.

At the distance of the City of Buenos Aires, in declarations made by Radio Mitteri, the Ministry of Health did not confirm the day in which Epoudi traveled these days, Rubinstein assured all the confirmed cases until today "began its epidemiological chain" in Chubut, the state official said " Biosafety and Biological in the village. In some cases, this is the isolation of all those people who have had relationships. Epidemiological research has been a very sharp one to limit the occurrence, I think what I think is now. "At the beginning of August, the incident occurred and Sunday, the governor of the province of Mariano Arcioni arrived in Epuyen on Sunday, said he was" living, eating and living " After confirming a sentence, "I wanted to bring calm" because "it is not good to create a psychosis."

Claudia Sastre, in her reflection, stated: "The rebellion is ignorant, and ignorance is not always pure information, sometimes it has the face of compulsorily distorted and repeated information, sometimes by malicious persons, involuntary accomplices. Ignorance can be inapproval . "A review of the statements contained in this newspaper, a review on the subject of dialogue with local residents and local journalists, creates a fear of uncertainty, uncertainty and uncertainty. According to Governors of Chubut, you will not happen. The affected population does not want to appear with names, because the "neighbors" misunderstood it too:

  • Although the first infections of Epuyen occurred, in one aspect, when others contracted the disease, patients visited family care centers in intensive care rooms, without paying attention to the health authorities.
  • At that time, there were no hospitals, because of lack of supplies, these infections prevented masks. And he is also afraid that currently the chinstraps are not suitable.
  • There was no public information on how to prevent contamination, according to the affected population.
  • It is also fear that even in the first days of the onset of prevention, it may also be medical personnel who can infect and transmit diseases.
  • There are complaints from the affected family that do not contain these content, not just to prevent new infections. It would not be tolerated by psychological.
  • One of the interviewees stated that there are people who may be infected, even if they have no symptoms. This is because "since there is no serious information, everyone is afraid of a situation of uncertainty that is emerging."
  • There are critics as tourism authorities continue to travel to danger areas as if "nothing had happened." A note published in El Patagónico, amongst the most visited tourist areas in the region, such as Lago Puelo or El Bolsón, has tried to convince everyone that there is no reason to worry about it, in Bariloche. At least two people have joined El Bolsón.
  • Some people who wanted to make public complaints were threatened by authorities and criticized by some neighbors in order to tackle them legally.
  • One of these affects the community media said: "We are alone, we are not joining together, without help and without the necessary information. If we do, they accuse us of creating psychosis."

Meanwhile, in San Carlos de Bariloche, three patients were isolated at the Ramon Carrillo Hospital, the result of the sample sent to the Malbrán Institute in Malaga was expected to be hantavirus. In this case, 38-year-old woman mentioned by El Bolson. At the health center, "without the support of stable and oxygen" was said. Previous studies indicate that it is a case of hantavirus, but in general there is a lack of confirmation of the samples sent to Malbran. In Bariloche, a young man from El Bolson is also treating and is investigating as a suspect. The first data would not be directly linked to Epuyen's occurrence. In addition, the last week in Epuyen was a man and fever and symptoms similar to the disease are isolated from Monday, which is why "context" can match the appearance of Hantavirus. In Bariloche hospital, young people and interned people were also "stable and clinically well-off".

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