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The fight for son Natacha Jaitti: Ulises nicknamed "kidnapped"

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February 27, 2019

Ulises Jaitt lived seven years ago with Natacha Jaitt and Adán Yosper's son. After the death of the mass media, it sets itself apart to keep the child and the house in his name.

After that Death of Natacha JaittenThe new judicial battle arrives at a family. As the doctor explained Mariana Gallego, Son of Natacha Jaittiren, Valentino YospeHe is fighting for the uncle of the boys. Meanwhile Ulysses Jaitt wants to keep her home with the child and her mother. Mariano Yospek wants Valentine to live with Rosario and rent his house in the trust of the younger one who uses money. when it's age

"The child lost his father, with whom he unfortunately lived from birth"Galician lawmakers said they should be under the care of minors of the Justice Ministry, who has been under 12 years of age, whose father, Adrián Yospe, died as a result of cancer in 2011. According to the experience, he has not yet been responsible for the case, but consulted with his father's family child da.

Mariano Yospe, his brother Natacha and Valentino's uncleHe told BigBang will ask the child's owner, but at the other end, Ulysses also told the press, following his nephew's lawyer. Valentino (who does not go to the funeral of his mother), has been aided by a family friend who traveled to Brazil.

"We want to be happy, live with and live with our cousins. We are not talking or analyzing death Natacha. We will not celebrate Sadness is lost by her mother. He lost his father and mother. His situation is very difficult and we want him best. We do not want to live in a heavy and dark environment "Adrián Yospe, the same actor, argued.

Yospe, who consulted with family lawyer, had the opportunity to live with him and Natacha and Ulysses, Valentino approached "She told me three or four times when my mother and my uncle told me, they would hit him. This man (Ulises) is punished because he took advantage of the life of my nephew, who lived through threats. Two times he came to school and beaten in files".

"He kidnaps it, even though he has cut the phone, he does not allow his mother to say goodbye. She dismissed herself, went to Brazil and left her at home with her mother, who could not take care of herself, because she was not herself"Yospek assured.

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