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The financial income tax will cause the country's risk and may push the purchase of dollars

The dollar started on the day, but soon the Central Bank had the ability to dry prices on the market. On the previous day, Lecap and Lecer, when performing both high-performance weight-values, achieved nearly 4 million dollars of net absorption.

But the instinct of the dollar remains in the market, after the Liquidated Ticket (Leliq) bidding, it absorbed more than $ 13,000, which earned more money than the 59 days before it was cut, 85% is deadly.

The reality is that the monetary plan's objectives are to gradually lower rates down the archive. Almost all of the government's origins do not apply because of rubbish under the carpets to reach the end of the year. But the complications will appear in 2019 Leliq's stock, without paying its price, when the economy begins to move Bank money is not enough to renew. Financial income taxes will cease to be subject to fixed-term investment investments by Leliq.

Although the dollar is a small decline, it is still in the viewpoint, we know that the plan has an expiration date and that bad currency is nearby.

This shows the marginal market, where "blue" refers to what is above the official dollar for the first time for a long time. On Thursday, the price was $ 41 and $ 40 a day at the same price. In banks and exchange houses, when the currency began at more than 30 cents, it fell to 8 cents at $ 39.40. The wholesale dollar, when it reached $ 38.80, soon changed and dropped 35 cents to $ 38.35.

They will expire in the future of Friday and they will have to cancel their positions, so it will be life.

The bill coincides with the Government of 2019 and green chemistry of a small reuse must be far from rising tax pressure by applying financial income with fixed terms and bonds. It is one of the most unjustified taxes, because those who pay money pay money and lose inflation. Do not mention the Government's money and bonuses.

The tax system is excessive. Loans will be credited to the interest rate and the life insurance of the implied credit. Mortgage loans pay for life and home insurance, which also covers VAT. Operations are punished with gross income and 1.2% of the checkout without mentioning absurdity.

Because it is incomprehensible to pay tax taxes, someone who sees the market display is the "offer" column of publications (offer) made up of sellers, But in the "offer" column, where buyers are placed empty. For this reason, there are several operations related to smaller parentheses that increase the risk of country each day.

All this, the reserves lost 335 million dollars and 66,111 million euros Birad's 2117 interests amounted to USD 98 and $ 4 million, to international institutions and to Brazil. In any case, the fall due to the withdrawal of dollars from banks, at the request of the client. Holidays and other expenses protect the sponsors to go to their dollar reservations. On the other hand, due to the rise of the euro and other currencies, the reserves were 108 million euros.

The stock market has risen by 3.67%, with a high turnover of $ 767 million. Banks were the key to this resurrection. Supervielle (+ 8.04%), French (+ 7.34%), Macro (+ 6.82%) and Galicia (+ 5.24%) are the most prominent papers.

In Wall Street, the Argentine ADR had a good wheel. Shareholder data certificates increased by 5.5%, as was the case with Banco Macro.

It has reached the final turn of 2018 and the balance of the stockholders is negative. They lost 2% a year. But the small size of the dollar developed at nearly 60% of capital at the beginning of the year.

The winners were those who were billed by the dollar and were not moved from the post, despite being a money-laundering plan on the first day of October.

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