Wednesday , October 20 2021

The first mayor of Merrille's house, Raul Othacehe, fired a powerful attack


Merlo Raul "El Vasco" former mayor Othacehé was a widow, when the attack was violent, they wanted to join the Peronist leader San Antonio de Padua in the western Buenos Aires neighborhood.

At least four criminals very armed and capers The couple and two young daughters approached the farmhouse Wednesday night.

Within the house, Citizens and the Serene of the house fired that's it he was seriously injured and later transferred to Eva Perón in that town.

Former mayor and other families left.

According to the transcendent, thieves – one of them is injured – Citroën C3 escaped in a white Aircross, and the staff of the Province of Buenos Aires have tried hard.

According to researchers, Everything that happened would record large amounts of security cameras field already.

Othacehé, "historical"Conurbano de los Barones "He was in charge of the Merlo court between 1991 and 2015, when he was again elected until Gustavo Menéndez Frente para la Victoria.

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