Monday , May 29 2023

The first rhythm – according to Rosa Montero


The Greeks considered music to be an artistic expression of mathematics; According to Pythagoras, the sun, the moon and other planets were harmoniously around the Earth, and the distance between the musical distances between the celestial bodies: the spheres were great music. In the Middle Ages, music was an art of quadrivium, together with arithmetic, geometry and astronomy; That is, it was part of the sciences. And yet XVI. In the 20th century, a composer named Zarlino said: "Music is soundtrack." Until yesterday, art became an essential element of the universe to be a life-long and priority knowledge. But later, a society that increasingly focused on utilitarianism and technology science was separated by musicians (and, in general, all the arts), to offer more space, more ornaments and more subrogated. In order to create this aberration of "environmental music", it creates a polluting noise that rises in lifts, waiting rooms or stores and believes that, according to various research, it causes some psychological responses: to buy and consume more, to say, or to relax in a tension at times like a dentist , even though one friend, Miguel Ángel Ander, says that he often listens to the joy and stupidity of these aircraft and landing sounds. For example, hair is at the point because they are indicative of a certain risk.

Music for me is essential, the same reading. I do not know if he had lived without both. However, there are those people, my total smile and disbelief, which detests this art. The most famous is Vladimir Nabokov, a great writer, one of my literary masters. In his beautiful autobiographical book, Habla, the memory indicates: "Music, I feel, depends on sounds that are less or less irritating". He goes through several more sentences with his proverbial pedantry, which means that guilt is a mistake to continue to be annoying. Poor Nabokov: maybe it was his unusual nature, because of this fault, this shortage. How not to love music, if our whole existence is linked to the basic rhythm of blood pressure.

I have already said that, I like it so much, when I listen to music, I can not do other things (except walking or driving) because I have concentrated too much. Of course, I can not write it. Clara Sánchez, the novelist, told me to start listening to her favorite albums. "But I stopped to notice that I thought I was writing an exciting and wonderful page, when I heard it the next day without a soundtrack, I thought it was very bad." A brilliant and wise comment: it's like a music drug, it captures us and hypnotises us. It's better and worse in the parallel state of reality. It is a military music that relieves and drags the younger generations that smile on the lips. He is a romantic musician in love; This can lead to serious consequences; or melancholy music to enter under the bed and start crying for three days. Yes, it handles music, but it is important to make it more important and better. Pythagoras have reason: these sublime sounds unite us with the universe and save us from our lack of individuality. How many times have I felt to know the secret of life, especially when you hear about emotional passing. Many of my novels' scenes were a clear knot that took place in a concert. Music is essential for human beings, in short, what it has all the elements: beauty, violence, serenity, joy, pain, feeling. Our last moment will end with heart beats.

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