Tuesday , March 21 2023

"The first thing I will tell you is that you do not speak a piece of rubber in your mouth." Tinelli was blurry!


Dream for Dancing is a non-indispensable program that annually generates a large number of 13 channel and competition (Telefe, América TV, El Nueve …) to increase its rating by the most spectacular television shows, which are very honest and say, track, so Because it is powerful and it is impossible to pay attention.

For example, a few days ago, after receiving a misguided return from jury members, Cinthia Fernandez was badly upheld because he was talking to his colleagues but he was lucky to have caught a camera at that moment and many people dismissed it. He said, if he asked for it immediately, he used the violent language.

Of course, it is not the first one (and not the last one). It's a very simple reason for losing patience: the combination of demands, fatigue, stress and worries makes it possible for each participant to start and finish a cycle with a smile, almost crying as a result of difficult times to go through, including strong returns from the jury.

Marcelo Tintelli knows what happens and, therefore, whenever he wants to put a humorous fee, and in this case he has decided to appoint the "fifth jury" of his son, Flor Peña. Charism, a good mood and, above all, his mother's ability to talk about a topic related to natural and sensual grace.

The conversation between the driver and the child was indispensable:

Marcelo Tinelli: "Alternative Jury, there is Flor Peña, and there is a little small Peña Flor. You will have … Now you have a hat. She sells the hat already. It's incredible, that's incredible."

Son of Flor Peña: "I liked Choreo but talked about Flor Vigna and it never came. Talk, talk, talk and never came."

Marcelo: "You are the voice of silence, the voice of those who do not express the voice of the people. It is true."

The son of Floriren: "they talk a lot about him, but he has not come …".

Marcelo: "The first thing I can tell you is not to talk about chewing in your mouth, you need to remove it, give it, throw it in a bag. Do you see Flor Vigna? Because it thinks something like that, remember …"

Son: "He can not. Then do not say his illness."

Marcelo: "Is it not correct with Laurita Fernandez?"

Son: "Yes."

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