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The footprint of a shoe, details arrested for the death of a businessman – 11/11/2019

He chose the Sneakers model in three strips, as it was so sophisticated that he emulates the drawing of car tires. This foothold is now committed to the murder of Abel Leonardo Esposito (51), which happened on Monday at Bernal.

Two brothers from Avellaneda City Council arrested on Friday: Carlos Leonardo Azario Vega (32) and Ricardo Alberto Azario (26); and Víctor Omar Alegre (41), a witch named "Serrucho". Three were declared the end of this edition before the prosecutor Leonardo Sarra. They're still looking for three other suspects, among them, team boss.

"Leo" Azario (32), one of three arrested by Abel Leonardo Esposito (51). He left prison in March last year and worked from June to Avellaneda.

The main hypothesis is: defender Espósito won money at home. In robbers, the maid talked about the manand he asked for a "silver wallet". The employer's relatives said the bag did not exist, nor was it looking for the supposed amount of money.

Yes, there were $ 25 thousand in homes, dollars, genres, jewelry, $ 20,000 worth of precious stones and a robbery they did not remove. "We think we would not want to steal a big sum in the house they had to flee rapidly to the death of the victim"he said bugle researcher Esposito was hanging and beaten and tortured during the attack. The lungs found water.

Although the main hypothesis is the inevitable robbery, the sources in question do not exclude mobiles. "We know that the employer was waiting for him from 22.30 a.m. This information was landed at the age of 23 years in Uruguay"said another source to this newspaper.

Ricardo Azario (26), a veteran of the Department of Hygiene of Avellaneda, was arrested at his brother's house.

Ricardo Azario (26), a veteran of the Department of Hygiene of Avellaneda, was arrested at his brother's house.

The Lapland in Avellaneda, 178, in a house located in Bernal, arrived at the car to leave the victim's car in the car. It is not known yet that Esposito was surprised when he entered his home or when the criminals had already arrived. "I asked the workers to leave the door of the door open because they would enter the garage," said the researcher.

The Azarias brothers took part in Villa Corina on Friday in Avellaneda. Both of them were asleep, "Leo," who was imprisoned robbery twice and there were some inputs and outings in the surrounding police stations.

Víctor Omar Alegre, daughter of "Serrucho", was the third detainee of the crime. It has a long list of backgrounds.

Víctor Omar Alegre, daughter of "Serrucho", was the third detainee of the crime. It has a long list of backgrounds.

"Leo" was released for the second time in jail, as in March last year and almost nobody, He got into the labor market very quickly. Since June, he works at Avellaneda Municipal Public Works. When the police got into his house, he also found the shoes they had left a very special footprint Esposito at home. Additionally, a couple of pipe marking matches with another footprint that Police Science receives. For the researchers, these clues were sent to the Tierra del Fuego expert – they are strawberries for dessert, in which case they are criminalized: the cameras arrived there shooting the security cameras and witnessing witnesses. They also seized two weapons and cocaine.

His younger brother, "Riky" works in the Undersecretary of "Urban Hygiene" in Avellaneda, and is also a beneficiary of the Home Program. He has a criminal offense, even if he has not been sentenced to imprisonment. Like "Leo", San La Muerte is a devotion and usually saints images in its social networks.

This is the room of the killed business.

This is the room of the killed business.

At the "Leo" house, under 7 blocks of Antonio Esposito S.A., the victim was the head of the Quilmes Department, DDI and the police station 2.

"Sawsaw" but it's not busy He imposed a 1995 sentence. He has a history of all kinds: weapons of abuse, attempts, robbery, and arrested for two years "illegal property of a war weapon." He left in 2010 They were found in a house located in Monte Chingolo's "La Fé" neighborhood (Lanús). The area fell by a security camera shot. She confessed her to cut her hair and its important physical texture.

Other fugitives, among them, would be a team leader, little known. It is not yet clear that everyone could get home. Yes, at least the "hood" would be out of the way. And curiosity: they were called robbery with the nickname "intendant".

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