Sunday , January 17 2021

The good benefits of endorphin, the happiness hormone

Surely you know feeling: you're doing something you like and you're happy, full, happy, even euphoric! If you want art, you can not
while listening to music or painting; If you are sporting, you only have a feeling of well-being, climbing, or full speed, to climb a mountain bike. This invading wave of happiness is the best chemical development of our brain: they are endorphins.

Endorphins are substances that are produced in our brain, which are similar to those of opioids (morphine, opium, etc.), but when they are not harmful. These chemical products are a powerful analgesic and promote pleasure centers that create a pleasant state that helps them dissolve.

The body generates endorphins in response to multiple sensations, including pain and stress. Hunger modulation causes the release of sexual hormones and the strengthening of the immune system. When we feel pleasure, chemical substances multiply.

Endorphins have a very vital life thanks to certain enzymes produced by the body. One measure is to keep our body balance and hide the alarm signals.

There are also good news about endorphins: we recreate the most exciting stimulants that activate our body, to multiply the moments of welfare throughout the day.

According to Jack Lawson, "Endorphins – The drug of happiness", our reactions as well as our identity represent us more than we imagine ours. Good thing, he explained, we govern some of these chemical processes to learn according to our needs.

There are several ways to stimulate production of endorphin. Basically, all the activities we find are pleasing. Its appearance poses a positive change in our attitude and in our minds.

What can be done, therefore, of having an effect on endorphins?

"Good" stress, the result of physical exercise, increases the amount of endorphins in the bloodstream. Activity a few minutes delayed the onset of fatigue, which feels vitality and well-being. Go a few blocks to start walking or just dancing, ten minutes, your mood will change completely.

Caresses, kisses and hugs boost endorfin. It's not just about the privacy of a couple; Signs of love also create a pleasant one. When you're sad, "warning" is better than a session.

Laughter has a significant effect on brain chemistry and the immune system, which is why it is the best source of endorphin. Several studies have shown that laughter reduces physical pain and strengthens the immune system.

Our relationship with nature fills us with energy and good humor. While in a park, you will release endorphins and feel more relaxed and positive.

Relaxing physical activity, such as relaxation techniques, yoga or tai chi, promotes endorphin segregation and is essential for reducing stress.

Soft softening music releases the release, lowers heart rate and breathes, and promotes muscle relaxation.

Do what you want: sing, dance, skate with clues, play guitar, give pleasure and joy. You can open the door and find endorphins, the most powerful natural remedy.

You can also take another step and it can be beneficial for endorphin strength. With visualization techniques, you can watch or imagine pleasant moments when each joy was recovered.

It is important to remember that the enemy of endorphins is great,
That's why you'll be happy to keep up. The best strategy? Exercise, healthy eating, good mood, relaxation techniques and feet on the floor: as things are seen, not better and not worse, it prevents stress. Then, prepare the life of the most pleasant life with the help of endorphins.

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