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The government announces that it has increased public transport by 40% in public transport

This announcement was made at a Microfinance Office of the Treasury. The Minister was in conjunction with the Transport Authorities of the city and Buenos Aires Province: Juan José Méndez, Secretary of Transport of the City, and Fernando Riavec, Sub-Department of Transport of the Province.

The group rose by 38.5%

The minimum collective trip will increase in January 2 $. $ 1.50 in February and $ 1.50 in March when it reaches $ 18. For social benefit beneficiaries, the minimum rate of increase will be 90 cents from January 12.

Trains have risen by 40%

The Miter, Sarmiento and San Martín trains will raise the minimum ticket of $ 1.25 in January; $ 1.25 in February and $ 1 in March. Currently, the cheapest department is $ 8.75.

The offices of Roca, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza will increase by 75 cents in January; In February, 75 cents and 75 cents in March.

The minimum Belgrano Norte train rate will pay $ 1 more from January, February 50 census and 50 cents in March.

The subway has increased by 44.8%

The Buenos Aires City Meter will increase by February in February, as planned, but now a € 2.50 proposal will be added in April and $ 2 a month, so it will reach $ 21. Half of 2019. This adjustment should go through the public hearing process and then approved by the Government of Buenos Aires.

According to the Ministry, this has been clarified Social rate beneficiaries The minimum amount of the collective will increase 90 cents "On the other hand, if it does make combinations with other groups, it has RED SUBE discounts, the second group increase is 45 cents and in the third, 30 cents," they said.

With RED SUBE, passengers who combine one or more public transport pay a second ticket with a 50% discount. Depending on the third and subsequent trips, the discount is 75%; That is, the entrances are paid at quarter to their value.

Likewise, according to the portfolio, the REDE SUBE benefits are in accordance with the Social Tariff. The retirement card has already been retired and the 55% discount on the card for retired people, home-based workers, for the benefit of the Universal Valuation. Son, Work in Pregnancy, Progression, Work in Argentina, Social Security, Non-Contributory Pensions – The last four categories were introduced in 2016 and ex-combatants of the Malvinas War.

"There are currently 3.8 million people who benefit from social benefits, which have grown 81% over the last two years and have achieved 35 locations across the country," they emphasized.

By transport data only today 40% of users of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires will pay the full rate, When there were 90% of travel expenses in 2015. However, today It subsidizes 60% directly, through Red Sube Discounts and Social Price.

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