Saturday , July 2 2022

The government can not unlock unemployment and will not be able to transport between 4 and 7 on Tuesday


The government could not disable the power of trade unions in the early hours, Dante Sica, Production and Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transportation, Juan Carlos Schmid, Secretary of Dancing and Balance, and others. guild leaders

On Tuesday, between 4 and 7, buses, trains, subways or airplanes will not be used, among other transport services, as it has been announced in the last days by the Argentine Transport Staff Confederation (CATT).

According to Casa Rosada, at the meeting held at the Ministry of Finance, "the dialogue between the two ministries and the trade unions was defined as a space within the logistics framework, and at the same time, it will meet the sector's challenges".

A few days ago, trade unions were declared in a "permanent and alert" situation and reminded the Government that "did not meet" Commitment to the elimination of income tax".

Although the meetings are over 7, 10-hour services will be standardized and returned to normal frequencies. The UTA, La Fraternidad, Truckers, Aircraft, Guincheros, Dredges and Brakes and Railway Signals will partially participate in train drivers.

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