Saturday , January 23 2021

The Government continues to evaluate the idea of ​​conducting the elections in Buenos Aires

Much confusion and caution, The Government began to evaluate the election option chosen as a real election option, to bring Mauricio Macri to his elections, the idea of ​​the evolution of Portuguese elections in the provinces of Buenos Aires.

Until December, when the government government María Eugenia Vidal This elective engineering was confirmed as a concrete opportunity, The idea was rejected in Mauricio Macri's hard.

However, Infobae I can find out that the topic was analyzed the last day of the Casa Rosada's first floor in Patagonia, where the President and Cambiemos small circle circles were closed, where the effect was uniform in the following areas: The decision to extend the national elections in Buenos Aires will be defined by Macri and Vidal, but as a problem that generates symbolic concerns in Peronism, this high-level political movement can not see positive spots..

"The distribution of elections is clear It will force Peronismora to define a first strategy and Cristina Kirchner handed over firefighters to the October elections since the Mayors of Buenos Aires have already done so, "said the official government that spoke Macri's current phone.

The debate should be too long to be determined in February or March, so there is a space for presenting, collecting lists and electoral elections.

Last week, the mayor of PJ, aligned with Cristina Kirchner, distributed the elections in Buenos Aires to Vidal. Buenos Aires PJ, directed by Mayor Esteban Echeverría, Fernando GrayThe province's intention was to open the upcoming elections, which would cost 3,200 million pesetas.

"As these questions are not understood as critics, we can see that the ideas of the election and the Peronists have made many nerves, which means that we have the right track," he says. Infobae A leader with a lot of change.

A few months ago the idea of ​​distributing the elections was created from the office of the President of the House of Representatives Emilio Monzó; mayor of porteño Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio. At that time, Marcos Peña, Jaime They last Beard and no idea of ​​the president's strong core had been analyzed.

However, this hypothesis was later captured in La Plata and is currently assessed by some of the closest to the General Staff and Macri.

Yesterday, yesterday, in a meal shared with a small SAN PROMOTOR table shared with Peña, this dilemma was corrected. Among others, they were Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Secretary of the Presidency of Fernando de Andreis and the Interior Minister, Sebastián García de Luca. "There was no definition, but the subject appeared and Peña was heard for the first time"He said that the dynamics were very enigmatic.

The subscribers with the idea of ​​the division say that a victory in Vidal in July, which is very close to the national PASS, will be a huge boost in the political impact and even more We will balance the possible wins of election campaigns such as Cordoba, Tucumán, San Juan, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, Santa Fe or Chubut regions where it was already decided that the elections will be in the beginning.

They also think of Casa Rosada The victory of Vidal in July will change the electoral mood and will allow the Macri campaign with a victorious governor. Then, Cristina Kirchner or PJ candidates should strive to draw their heads to the votes of October.

Those who do not accept this idea to divide the elections in Buenos Aires also believe that this movement "Macri's great political danger" If Vidal has won, the presidential election is declining. At the same time, those who oppose this election engineer understand that at least five of the elections in Buenos Aires (two steps, two general and a possible vote) will be able to escape polling stations and will not see them in society.

It is clear that the problem will not be resolved immediately and that Macri Vidal will define what will end. In fact, the governor of Buenos Aires has said that a referendum will be held The exclusive decision of the President.

Campaign with many public works

On the other hand, during the last hours, public works and cutting ribbons were evaluated as one of the main cornerstones of the Macri campaign: In 2019 it is expected that there will be at least 1100 work In 2016, they began in some cases for the whole country coming from projects.

In this case, Transport Ministers, Guillermo Dietrich; Frigi and, to a lesser extent, the Minister of Education Alejandro Finocchiaro will have the cut-off schedule for Macri this year until the close of the election.

He agreed with a survey Infobae, The 2,300 projects run by the Ministry of the Environment, Transport, Education and Energy, It is predicted that it will end before 1100 August.

At the same time, the budget for this year could not be reduced to public works: this year, from 191,000 million dollars to 2018 reached 185,000 dollars.

Casa Rosada argued that the tape-cut campaign for Macrin will be crucial for the achievements of its administration and for the intendant or the governor to add space to it. They also believe that producers' credit plans must be guaranteed and that all must be an improvement in the economy. The government has a negative impact on the central and low sectors.

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