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The government has denied the funds to the Court and the courts strike – 27/11/2013

As long as the intermediate institution tries to add new tension and the Supreme Court into major issues, as long as the Judges are obliged to pay profits, the Government dismissed the planned 20 percent by the High Court. Expected wage reform in 2018 with judicial staff.

Once the situation is over, it has progressed bugleThe United Nations Justice Labor Party, headed by Julio Piumato, launches and ratifies a demonstration at the Palace of Justice in the afternoon Stop this Thursday. "It violates the independence of the Judiciary, until we decide to stop the justice," said Piumate. bugle.

By a note, Signed by the person in charge of Marcos Peña; The Government is apologizing before the request for a quota of force before the request of the budget force of 1,605 thousand million dollars before the Bargain, requesting 40% nominal wage nominal increases. "There was no prior response, the recently approved 2019 Budget was the treatment", explains the letter of the Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Courts.

The response to the request has been given by the Government ", the government of the province and the effort made by the State's other powers" and calls for a change in the budget elements, It affects Treasury resources".

In this regard, the Head of the Cabinet demands in the "shared efforts framework", the Court expected 10% of December 2018 "What to do next year". That is, the new Budget app. "In February, as a National Administration," the Government added.

Specifically, Peñas announced the possibility of modifying current exercise games with a 10% increase in October, organized by the Court of 7 October.

Published bugleThe Supreme Court was the subject of the partner of Mauricio Macri, President of the High Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, at the beginning of the month.

Following the battle, the sources said that the measures of the Peñas would not have logically fallen into the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court will determine the exception on Tuesday, judges designated by the 1 January 2017. Earnings must be the beneficiary of the regime of the oldest magistrates according to the law 27,346 promoted by this government.

These voices may be argued The possible repression against the Republic allowed the Government to resolve the adjustment of pensions For this reason, according to the schedule established by the Court, it will be held on December 10th. "Marcos is hot because of the loss of retirees and the saving of money," said Judicial sources.

What do you mean? Luis Blanco, after ratifying the accusations of the Americans, updated salaries based on Industry and Construction Basic Base Indices (ISBIC) and not Ripte, Paid Medium Recovery Stable workers, that is, the minimum tax duty and income tax scale used to update. The government hit this index Calculating asset adjustments in Historical Reparation.

For this reason, Blanca's positive ruling (that is, credited with ISBIC) before the punishment of the 2016 laws. Thus, the definition of the Court of Justice may entail ten withdrawals under the same conditions. The Government, on the other hand, it can cause budgeting, Updates for this index because it increases Ripte incrementals.

Among many of the Crucifixes, when changes occur to the Court, after the departure of President Carlos Rosenkrantz and Ricardo Lorenzetti, the package of the most important issues that the Court must determine and, in a way, the Government includes the constitutionality of the application of 2×1 against the humanity's crimes, with the programmed vote on December 4; and the slogan of Santa Cruz, seven days later.

In this context, The Court shall comply with the agreement of the Court. But the Government is responsible. "The government is going beyond the question of the accusation that this government is committed to comply with the Court's resolutions and now wants to mark the agenda. We have demanded that the Court confirm the wage that is consistent with the agreement," added Piumate.

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