Saturday , July 31 2021

The Government launched a rescue plan for damaged industries

Macrik brought together a meeting for the textile and clothing and footwear industry

"Textile, shoes and leather are the key elements of the productive structure in Argentina, and we want to be together at the same time, and at the same time we want to promote transformation," said Sica. The Minister admitted that it is necessary "to work together to boost consumption, to maintain the stability of employment and to improve the formalization and production chain of the workers". It was a way of raising words that have led to these critical issues that are happening in these industries.

According to the UIA data, the textile garment chain saw a 25% inter-annual rise in September, and the Moroccan sector has "lost 3,500 jobs and closed 80 factories in recent months". The footwear industry has fallen in activity and, according to its versions, lost 10,000 jobs.

"The measures are very positive because sectors are the most punished, they are very affected by the recession," Acevedo said, adding that "they are finally looking at the industry." It would overwhelm the industry's excessive tax burden on employers' contributions, Acevedo said "it can be repeated in many other sectors." With regard to this development, intensive labor sectors, such as food and drinks or metalworking industries, should be in the portfolio.

The Secretary General of Industry, Fernando Grasso, consulted that "there is a general production policy that reflects the reduction in tax burden associated with work and reflects this tax reform," but the "NIM" is linked to textiles and clothing, shoes and leather goods , which is the most critical of the information and the sectors ". "The idea focuses on this and does not spread to other sectors," said Grassek El Cronista.

At a later SICA meeting, SME entrepreneurs analyzed the effect of interest rates and other issues. "The bonuses (at the end of the year) in order to take into account national taxes, VAT or social charges," said Ariel Aguilar, President of the CIMA (Morroquineros). He said soft lines are necessary for the sector "not exceeding 30%" and export incentives.

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