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The Government now has a 12-day period

As a measure to promote consumption, The Government announces that Now 12 will continue in force, which will allow payment of 3, 6, 12, and 18 payments with credit cards until April 2019.

Obtained products From Thursday to Sunday payment plans They include clothes, shoes and leather goods, construction materials and tools, furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, tourism and mattresses, among others.

Beforehand, according to the Production and Labor Department, income from aquatic aquatic water and umbrella income may be paid in 3 to 6 hours with a credit card.

Moreover, both Banco Ciudad, Provincia y Nación announced a series of discounts of up to 50%. hotels, spas, gastronomy, shows, fuels, car maintenance, clothing and grocery shopping on the Atlantic coast.

Program Now 12 Starting in 2014 and according to data from the Ministry of Internal Trade More than $ 339 billion is already being accumulated in sales through the program. This measure is a state-level policy that is maintained with the management change.

The wait for the summer season is to boost household consumption. Especially given that there will be a lot of domestic tourism as a result of the growth of traveling abroad Accumulated disobedience of 2018 in 2018.

During the bump in the pocket during the year, it was one of the main reasons to keep the share plan active, nowadays a large part of 12 products are imported or imported from the food industry, that is, the Government understands it amongst those who have experienced the greatest drop in consumption.

The latest Christmas sales figures, the Argentine Chamber of Trucks Medieval (CAME), fell 9% compared to the previous year.

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