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The Government proposes the adoption of DNA samples of all hazardous candles – 12/01/2019

Since the announcement of the crime setting announcement for the purpose of setting Taser guns, he was criticized for eliminating the age of 15 years and removing foreigners from thousands of countries. offended; The Government has already prepared a bill that can bring more controversy: The ADIM sample should be taken from people with an involuntary offensewithout gravity.

President Mauricio Macri, along with Patricia Bullrich, Security Minister. Photo: Telam

President Mauricio Macri, along with Patricia Bullrich, Security Minister. Photo: Telam

Thus, in the database in today's moratorium, kidnappings to denounce murders, extortions, serious injuries and robberies would be added, among other crimes committed in the Penal Code.

Specifically, the text "it extends to all intelligent crimes. "National Registry of Genetic Data, Comprehensive Sexuality Crimes"Created by the law 26879. To understand the controversy, it is enough to postpone the debate of this project: promoted by hardship, only approved in 2013, an effect caused by Angeles Rawson's crimes. The deputies confirmed a debate on an already accepted initiative and lost the parliamentary state in the Senate twice.

The debate that lasted a decade was over, and it was a rumor, because most of the securing sectors believed that it was "stigmatized" violently. Although the same thing happened, it has recently been regulated in 2017, in the face of a new shocked society: Micaela García's murder and rape.

Now, the idea of ​​the Government is that this data bank, usually "matxist registrationIt includes the condemned samples of "Penal Code" "criminal penalties". The objective of Clarín's exclusive access project is "to clarify the truth through systematization of storage and system, a biological evidence obtained through a genetic study or a study of a sampling."

Project Patricia Bullrich, Security Minister, wrote; and the Lehendakari acknowledged that he had given a clear green light to the latest management meeting. The form ended this Friday, after receiving a fundamental protection: Germán Garavano was canceled from the technical point of view of the Justice Minister. After analyzing the project, it was carried out immediately, and in the next hours Pablo Clusellas will arrive at the legal and technical secretary's office. There, when Mauricio Macri signed up and returned to the Congress, it was just a formality.

Among Billrich's arguments, Bullrich claims that he serves as a judge to denounce "crime detection and detention" and "misdemeanor accusation". Meanwhile, in the fight against insecurity, the minister says "future attackers will create a feeling of greater control and anonymity and impunity."

The "rape record" began with the backdrop of the delays, when they began to enter the sample last year, the project applied a gradual form. For this purpose, Article 7 authorizes the implementation of the "payment of permanent increases according to their gravity" crimes, increasing the operational capacities of labor courts responsible for the study of samples. taken out. "Thus, in addition to crimes against sexual integrity, homicide cases, serious injuries, kidnappings against the rescue and serious robbery will be the priority.

Exceptionally, the robbery's process of "genetic fingerprinting" has been slow and the six-month period granted to judges has been extended to extradition convicts since 2007 in the case of current crimes. and even less, for a maximum period of two months, as a maximum limit for taking samples in the case of those in prison.

But in the Government this progress will be expected in this sense, with the support of the Science and Technology Secretariat, more labs will be enabled. Inclusion of convicts in new cases is feasible, as the law indicates, when a sentence is final, judges have a period of five business days to take the sample.

What is this extraction? About this throat exchange Processed in certified laboratories. And then it will log into the software provided by the FBI (CoDIS, Combined DNA Index System, in English) to store and digitize samples of biological and biological samples condemned by unknown authors. It seems that the pattern trustees.

Bullrich announces further questions from the progressive sectors planned Incorporation of all criminal records. More information: Supposedly, in the future, with the advancement of technology, DNA samples will replace the fingerprint taken prior to the state that prepares identity cards. "DNA is a new century identification system, which was the brand of the past century as a mechanism for preventing and clarifying crime," said Security.

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