Thursday , October 6 2022

The government responded to the piqueteros: "We are not extortion"


"We will not become extortion. We are working on the long term for dialogue, transparency and social plan mediators, "he said. Infobae Tonight a close friend of the Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley.

Thus the Government The claim made by workers and pedestrian Poles will be totally excluded Renewal of the Social Income Program and requiring the addition of food. They will also require job improvements and the final bonuses of the year.

In fact, the Ministry of Social Development explained that the demands made by social movements affiliated to 9,000 deveased campuses in 9 de Julio Avenue. Thus, they said "we will not be given by extortion For a long time we have not managed to kidnap people and plan their distribution ".

In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, Stanley explained two months ago school boating program Throughout the country and the beneficiaries of AUH and other programs to pay an additional bonus announced at the end of the year.

When he advanced Infobae Last Monday, from Casa Rosada They prepare a December complex and after the successful G20 summit security operation with a strong social conflict. In this way, strengthening the food in the dining rooms, deepening the social work of the church and coordinating the tasks of the Government of María Eugenia Vidal.

Now, prior to the piquetero camp, the Minister of Social Development maintains its position and will appear to appearances, through its officials, that the Government "has not used any means to distribute social plans", and said that with its relatives "We work for transparency so they will not escape. "

On the other hand, Rosada House believes that the mobilization of the Polish Workers' and Pedestrian Camps "political disgrace" and he cited the Eduardo Belliboni Workers' Pole, who is supposed to be a candidate for the left-wing deputy.

In the afternoon, the members of the Police prevented the advance of the militant pillars and took them on the shores of Lima Street and Juan de Garay Avenue. There were more than five hours of protesters, who did not let the security forces pass through camps.

About 20 years ago, Protestants began to go to the transfer station located in the Constitution to take the Subway and bring the Ministry closer. Afterwards, the police have taken him to the station to prevent militants from traveling.

However, about 100 people gathered at the station and went to the Ministry of Social Development. A few minutes later, when the rounds and stairs were created, the City Hall decided to close the access to the metro and decided to avoid going to the platforms. But an important group formed part of the Stanley-led Ministry and camp.

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