Monday , June 5 2023

The government seeks to reduce fuel – Diario La Provincia SJ


The executive powers began a cautious but sharp negotiation with oil companies. The objective is a 10% drop in fuel price, at least a "premium" in December.

"In December, there is an update on the carbon tax, but we believe that the oil companies have managed to achieve a parity of imports (the price of parity of imports, which is the performance of local production) and now they have to reduce the amounts at least 10%, at least premium (naphtha)", according to Rosada. "Oil companies import raw (refining) imports, if they consider the import prices, logic will be reduced."

In Executive Management, they maintain their international oil price growth, reaching US $ 85 at the beginning of October. But today, the situation has changed and raw, in the US $ 62, in Brent, according to the variety, it declines.

In Power, these arguments will be carried out with YPF authorities, but Axion and Shell will also bring other leading agents in the market. In any case, the strong belief is that YPF has a significant market leadership in the market.

In petroleum companies, they still do not mention the attitude that the executive power proposes. Exports are close to or near current prices, such as naptas sper. However, they have noticed that they were not recovering income at the devaluation rate.

In October, the naphtha office fell by 6%, and each one had more priorities, there were two digits.

Source: Los Andes

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