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The government strengthens and facilitates the expulsion of foreigners who commit crimes – 06/01/2014


Without a doubt, the economy still does not create good news, because it is understood that at the beginning of the election year it offers anti-crime results, the Government has determined face up against insecurity. The launch of Taser guns and the reduction of the shipping project for under 15 years are some of the initiatives, as they progress bugleCasa Rosada is proposed for the following months. Another measure performs migration controls: In order to carry out a project that improves the 25,871 migration law while looking for a consensus of the Peronist sector, To accelerate the expulsion of foreigners by doing crimes Or was illegal in the country when it was created Migration Law and a Special unit for search for foreign criminals.

Control of migratory flow Mauricio Macri had priority since he was almost in office. And, after a year, he signed the Decree 70/2017, which includes demands for foreigners who want to enter the country, such as prohibitions for punitive punishment in the country of origin; and at the same time changed the administrative deadlines to accelerate the process of expulsion, which until then lasted 6 years.

This DNU, however, was challenged by different sectors in the political and judicial fields. Last year, the Supreme Court of the Chamber of Administrative Affairs of the Administrative Court declared a "constitutional invalidation" and stopped its application. The Government, nevertheless, has decided to appeal to the Supreme Court.

When the court seemed unable to face the party, the head of Justicialist President, Miguel Pichetto, was debated in November when he proposed "The expulsion of foreigners committed by crime", The Federal Police arrested two Venezuelans, Paraguayans and Turks, according to the incidents in Congress, in the midst of the budget debate. At that time, with Macri's support, he underlined "discussing immigration management (debate), the Interior Minister, Rogelio Frigerio, agreed with the Senator to strengthen the law of joint work.

Speaking closely, the initiative presented by Pichetto is harder than the government's claim. In some cases, he proposes the expulsion of the foreigner, although he is not a sworn statement of a judge of the first instance.

As you know bugleThere is no theme in the government aspect. The hardest part of the conflict, coinciding with the proposal of Rio Negro and in the country of origin, calls for "reciprocity" in health and education, the majority of the public sector and guarantee judicial guarantees guaranteed by the Government are premature expulsions and warn that without a strong punishment, the principle of innocence would be progress. Offers seem like today The most difficult sector: Macri is there. "We have to discuss what we need to discuss about issues that are not assessed and demagogically evaluated without a democratic and democratic country: it is the most urgent policy for migration flow," they said. large official sources. The matter is that discussing the agreed topic of the various Government sectors will open this semester before the campaign.

It seems advanced Creating Migration Law, prescribed by current legislation. The official budget has exceeded the offices of opponents. Concerning other issues, their shaping National Immigration Chamber – Based on the structure of the National Electoral Council of Spain, it allows the recursion of recursive resources in material and establishes jurisprudence in all the courts of the first court of the country, and reduces high procedures.

For the moment, this Wednesday, Horacio "Toto" Garcia's migration director, Casa Rosada, will be in charge of the work of Marcos Peña for the next few months.

But some initiatives are under way: on the one hand, Migration has 354 foreign names, With criminal record or illegal entry into the country, he will search and then expel them. It already has judicial protection. To this end, 618 foreigners' nobles will be added to justice, requesting a "retention" request for a later expulsion. Almost 1000 foreigners should be expelled from crime.

Migration is the first time that it is on this scale. And it seems that this plan is going to increase: the idea is that the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, organizes a special unit to look for foreigners to find names that are regularly updated by Migration.

It is enough to review the numbers of recent years in order to take on the magnitude of the official target: According to the migrations, in 2015, they were under 25 years old, according to the provisions of article 70 of Law 25,871. In 2016, Macri was 33. In 2017 he was 75. In 2018, until October, number 150. Zenb. They were. These figures are not distinguished, that is, when those who are excluded meet half the sentence.

As a result of this, Migration signed an agreement with the Justice Minister of Buenos Aires, Gustavo Ferrari, to accelerate the province's situation: 2,200 foreigners are estimated to be living in Spanish prisons, a million convicts and about 300 "lost".

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