Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Grand Splendid Athenaeum is the most beautiful bookshop in the world, according to National Geographic

"Recoleta de Buenos Aires will be able to visit a quiet book temple in a commercially commercial street. The lighting is soft, the details that show the best craftsmanship of the early twentieth century.". Description Ateneo Grand Splendid, located in the heart of Barrio Norte, is an article National Geographic The bookstore is said to be "one of the most beautiful in the world".

"Conversations are silent, like in a large library, although space is so warm and friendly The box is raised in the back of the room, customers who read and drink the cappuccino and the chocolate submarine", Signed by Brian Clark Howard.

From the Avenida de Santa Fe, the Grand Splendid Athenaeum is a magnificent building. A great window with books, a sign of the same name, XX. In the folds of the early architectural folds. However, when it gets in, everything becomes horrible.

In the background, remotely, open curtains, boxes and sides of the ceiling, passing through the entrance books, Nazareno Orlandi made a petroleum dome. Light lights and ornaments make up the landscape of a lively library museum.

Before the whole book, the National Theater Athenaeum was held until 1917, and the dream of modern Argentinean architecture was built: Grand Splendid, a great avant-garde theater scene.

The building is the symbol of culture in Buenos Aires: There, first ballet concerts, opera and the first soundtracked in Buenos Aires.

Seal The National Odeon, When Carlos Gardel began recording in 1920, he had his seat. In fact, it still is still in the recorded room, but it can not be visited. At the top of the building, it also began its first official broadcast Bright LR4 radio, In 1923.

Throughout the whole century, however, the library was as large as the cultural epicenter until the end of the millennium. Ilhsa Group companies and Yenny companies. Currently, she is the mother of a chain with more than 34 stores in 34 countries.

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