Wednesday , July 6 2022

The Guild now claims "a couple years of punishment" – 11/25/2018


In the blood of the eye. Thus, the Gremio was defeated after the provisional victory against Copa Libertadores, after having been the coach Millionaire, Marcelo GallardoConmebol sent him a penalty and went to the night of Porto Alegre. Now president Gaucho Núñez's club won again at Monumental.

"On Saturday it was here that Porto Alegre would impose a penalty for at least one year in international river competitionss. But unfortunately it was not taken seriously. River and club fans have lost credit, "said Romildo Bolzan, President of the Guild.

The Brazilian team has been annoyed by the Argentinian team, but VAR has had an exclusive role. to punish sanctions that nobody saw or even a river player.

"Conmebol, who planned to organize the tournament, caused the dissolution of the competition", concluded Bolzan in Buenos Aires this weekend about embarrassment.

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