Thursday , July 7 2022

The guild returns to the anti-river attacks


The Gremio made a presentation at Conmebol, a quarterback against the Libertadores quarterback Marcelo Gallardo, who had won interference in the midst of Brazilian clothing, suspended. And after that claim he was dismissed, yesterday his president, Romildo Bolzan, returned to the charge of the Millionaire.

"On Saturday it was here that Porto Alegre would impose a penalty for at least one year in international river competitions. But unfortunately it was not taken seriously, "said the explicit request of the Núñez club penalties.

"The same thing happened in Porto Alegre. River and club fans have lost credit"Bolzan added: Angry with the millionaires, but also with the South American Confederation of Football, the Gremio President concluded:" Conmebol wanted to organize the championship, the contest was unsatisfactory. "

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