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The hacking of the hantavirus began with an incredible story of the Epai party – 05/01/2015


Epuy is sad. People do not go out on the street. There is nowhere in the view of the mountain or the greatness of its enormous lake that has been obliterated.

"We said that yesterday (Friday) was a nurse we loved. We're grieving," he said bugle Antonio Reato, Mayor of 4,000 inhabitants, Paralelo 42. In the Andean region, inside the 40th route.

The appearance of Hantavirus was punished by 6 deaths. All inhabitants of Epuy and the same family circle and friends. So far, 19 positive cases have been recorded (six deaths are counted), 8 excluded, 1 suspects and 2 observations.

But the main concern of this outbreak is the mutation of viruses that transmit viruses and people with their pollution people. Dr. Teresa Strella has said that "due to the close relationship with patients, the first 48 to 72 hours occur at the beginning of febrile events".

The Ministry of Health was optimistic in its latest statements: "The cases go down. We must wait two incubation periods to end the occurrence. "

He also explained that "this is something extraordinary" and "we do not think there is more virus than in other seasons. We have had cases of Hantavirus at this time, as in other countries." He also clarified that "all cases were recorded in the town of Epuyén in this case without registering elsewhere ".

As the doctors said, everything began on November 24 to celebrate a teenage birthday. He contracted the disease to clean a shed from the pawn. The virus spread to his wife and the girl of the party.

He and his wife recovered. The girl died. I was 14 years old. It was on December 3 and was the first victim.

At that meeting, other cases emerged, It's something like that 50 people Such circles were isolated, as for limestone.

Regarding isolation cases, Dr. Jorge Elías said that the extraordinary measures of selective isolation were deepened. "We identify the closed contacts of positive cases in a personalized manner". Then added, they are still breathing the isolation from home.

Hantavirus is a disease that produces rashes, directly affects the treatment of human respiration and It can be lethal if time does not treat.

Mild apples are known as long apples to eliminate diseases through saliva, urine or feces. In the dry, it combines with dust and is transported through the air.

Symptom is similar to flu: fever; decay; muscle pain; chills; headaches; nausea; oka; diarrhea and in some cases, the abdominal pain or the lower part of the spine.

The story tells that all began in 1996. Rural medicine mountain ranges treated the symptoms of apparent flu. He ordered them according to this illness. But a few days later some were killed. This received some medical attention from the doctor. An unknown thing was born: hantavirus.

Something to bear in mind is the flower called "coihue". The flower of this species is massive. After flowering and producing seeds, the plant dies. This natural and cyclical phenomenon occurs every 70 years.

After flowering, a chain of ecological events with the greatest magnitude of ecosystems occurs, including the proliferation of rodents. Currently, flowers are not in Epuyen and in the surrounding area.

"It's really an extraordinary event A limiting and limited occurrence of the population group In the town of Epuy ", so" all the inhabitants of Epuyen do not cover or not, "said Teresa Strella Pathology and Provincial Director of Epidemiology," in other neighboring countries, is not identified. "

Representatives of the Malbrán Institute, specialists in viral diseases. Epuyen told them Clarín gave him an absolute priority.

The guardian Reato still does not leave his exclamation and sorrow. "I do not know what happens, there are more laws than the years"He said his style was easy. "We are misunderstood, mourning, we lost six of our neighbors, but we do not remember time, now we are getting even more lifelong, I've been living this land for 40 years, I've always worked between forests and mountains. Let's keep it in Epuyen. the whole numbers fighting ".

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