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The IDB warns that pension systems are not sustainable

The problem of the pensions was returned to public discussions after obtaining the letter of the agreement reached through the United Nations Monetary Fund. The Government intends to advance system reform. The specialists believe it is an Argentine regime There is no help, because they are just 1.5 contributors per retirementThe relationship between assets and liabilities should be three to three.

In Latin American and Caribbean pensions and future publishing, the IDB confirms that neighboring countries "They are not prepared for the rapid aging of the population on stage In front of the region, where this is expected, Since the 2050s, five people will be over 65. "

According to the publication, the public payment system is designed to be generously wage-aided employees during their working life, Sometimes it is damaging to commerce under a few years To get a pension (from 10 to 35 years old).

In these systems, A large part of the state tax average (about 44%) is subsidized Contributed throughout the whole period. "In Latin America and the Caribbean, workers with higher incomes are generally more senior citizens, which means that higher pensions are finally granted to workers with higher incomes, and sometimes without paying a low income pension, which has not made the necessary contributions," he said. he says Mariano BoschDivision of the Labor Market Division, IDB.

"Unless you make changes to the aid design, demographic pressure systems would be more generous with the individual, but more expensive for the State "Bosch says.

The public pay systems are generous with the workforce that works for work, sometimes harming those who help under the minimum years.

On the other hand, individual capitalization systemsThe presence in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru offers an alternative rate 40%, that is, the amount of the pension received is less than half of the final salary for each employee.

"My myth is that there is a young Latin American and Caribbean region, but that's the reality it grows faster than the rest of the world "he explained Carmen PagésThe heads of the Labor Market Division of the IDB.

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