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The InSight probes will first examine the interior of the planet Mars


After a trip to Mars in the middle of the year, the NASA probe will be famous for "six and a half minutes of terrorism", which will open a whirlwind and windshield drop to abolish it. If the plan is planned, it will be at least 2.24 meters long, and the cushion hose will rest on the red planet to analyze its interior. The descent is ready for Monday.

Another option is not Tom Hoffman, the head of the project manager. "The group has worked hard for several years and is currently ready. In the end, all of our training"he summed up.

The probe door will be 10 x 24 km rectangular. The goal, compared with 479 million kilometers of crossing, scientists are metaphorical soccer, "How to reach the goal to 130,000 km". During the first 25 seconds, InSight will discard the heat shield and detect a radar speed and distance within minutes of it in the desert in Martian.

Despite confusion, uncertainties are well-founded: missions to space agencies have succeeded by 40-year-old Mars. For this reason, aerodynamic factors will be included, such as the trace of the boats and atmospheric variables, wind speed and atmospheric density.

While InSight's features are a good part of the US space agency, it has been chosen as a friendly surface, "The largest parking lot in Mars", called "Elysium Planitia". In addition, the ship, with a full fuel charge of 360 kilos and a cost of around $ 1 billion, was engineered by engineers in stormy dust. "Upon arrival, the Earth Team will start the process to select the best places for scientific tools", described the specialist.

The purpose of the mission is to study the interior of the red planet within two major planets. Seismograph, earthquakes and meteorites will analyze and analyze the vibrations of soil. And determine 15 times more precision of a thermal flow in the ground than any other hardware before, determine the amount of heat that escapes from its cavities.

It will be a check to measure NASA "Live signals" Mars through its pulse (seismology) and its temperature (heat flow). "Engineers will take time to decide on the next steps. And when the instruments are ready, InSight will spend Martian years (26 Earth months) to control these signs," Hoffman said.

In addition, special cameras will create high-quality color images and, if there is no spacecraft called Mars Cube One, they will follow InSight and open a new way of transmitting data and communicating with the Earth.

Why investigates the interior of Mars? Some decades ago and several reports had established that they were one of the scientific priorities and, despite the fact that they proposed several missions in the following years, there was no success. For this reason, this Monday it also has international expectations: apart from the Spanish participation in Spanish agencies and Spanish agencies, they also helped the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

If we examine deeply within Martyrs, other rocky planets (such as Earth and moon) were created. In short, it is a relative of the same ancient elements, more than 4,500 million years ago.

From what we have learned from this cold and rocky desert we can light our existence. And, above all, it will be crucial to fill one of the greatest dreams of launching the history of the conquest of space: sending a human explorer for Mars in the coming years.

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